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    Enthusiast and Passionate about for all Country Pursuits, Especially working my Lurchers, Spaniels and ferrets! Ferreting and Lamping (Rabbiting) is my main Passion.

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  1. Thermal Spotter on a Budget.

    Cheers Ian B Mate, Good advice Very True!
  2. Thermal Spotter on a Budget.

    Ian B I would really like XQ38f but its well out my price range mate!
  3. Atm im using a Pulsar digiforce, but in the near future im keen to get a Thermal Spotter which il mainly be used fo spotting rabbits! Any recommendations on a spotter under a grand?? Or worth looking for one secondhand.
  4. Myla and Me on an Invite!

    Cheers Lads!!
  5. Last Sunday was Kindly Invited for a days ferreting, with a mate ive recently meet from buy a jill kit! What a cracking day it was in the field and good education for Myla working with a more experienced ferreting dog! Ended the day with 15 few for the pot Happydays!!!
  6. Myla First Outing This Season!

    Thanks Lads, Numbers are looking a record low and needing more permo better get nocking on doors!!!
  7. A Great First day of the season ferreting with great company, Was great to see Myla over the Warren again and getting better each time were out!!!
  8. Nv Monocular

    Pm you Ukhunter
  9. Nv Monocular

    Pic mate
  10. Is that with the 10amp battery mate?
  11. Small Paddock With Tykeo

    Thanks Arry Atb for the season ahead!!!!
  12. Nv Monocular

    I have a Infinity 1 spotter with Evo 50ir and 5" hd screen brilliant bit of kit mate!
  13. Nv Monocular

    Thanks Ukhunter for the offer looks the part, ive got to sale my brand new Nv Spotter first so if you still have it after I sold we may have a deal at some point mate!
  14. Nv Monocular

    Thanks David!! Sounds like just the bit of kit I need to out wit the lamp shy rabbits..
  15. Small Paddock With Tykeo

    Cheers Mate think its the only 7 hole open warren where I live as you say covers going to be high till late winter!!!