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  1. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Seen few of your videos lad enjoy them real good dog.atb for the rest of the season
  2. Fourth Night

    Finished the night with a good course and catch ,good write up enjoyed it
  3. Kerryblue First X.

    A fine animal rare cross to see these days
  4. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    2 full sisters blue and white one is mine.can safely say she is the nicest lurcher on thl lucky for me shes mine ha.Happy Hunting
  5. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Lurcher x lurcher Wild Bill mainly whippet hound bit of collie and bull there too atb
  6. Wheaten Greyhounds

  7. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Wont let me upload the picture ill try get it sorted
  8. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Have my bitch in pup to this fella 5/8 3/8 Wheaten.Her first litter at 7 hopefully all goes well
  9. Poaching Golden Rules?

    if your out poaching how do you get to know the land like the back of your hand??go out during the day to get the lay of the land ?more chance of been seen during the day.suppose you could always check it out on google maps
  10. For The Lamping Folk

    heres one from a night out last year
  11. What time would U want to be dere for lurcher racing say to enter a dog
  12. Pup Abandoned

    after two or so months of rearing this pup iv just had to hand her back to a local traveller who originally owned her .drove me mad but he made enquires when my father was working down on the site to see did we come across her .(he said he was walking behind my house)father said no but when he told me i decided to call down to the site myself because if he meet me in a years time out walking her he would of looked for her back.i told him i found her in an awful state and im after getting attached to her i offered him 50quid seen as id all the hard work done but he wanted 200 i just couldnt pay it .pup is now gone back to the site,make you sick.wouldnt mind she really settled in here
  13. Bstard Fox.

    dont be getting so pissed off pal if your dogs can do them regularly fair play you must keep them in top condition.your feeding them if they keep you happy sod everyone else
  14. Pup Abandoned

    thanks for all the nice replies people.im very happy with her progress and she will get to see a whole new world in a few months.thanks penny i wouldn't have put up a before picture if i didnt have an after picture to go with it if you know what i mean.My guess at breeding would be whippet, deer hound and a few other breeds .All i know for sure is shes a lurcher .I think she is about 5 or 6 weeks old. gouldy i like the sound of wolfhound in there ​ .if anybody else wants to post up there taught s on breeding id love to hear them.
  15. Pup Abandoned

    me too