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  1. wanted hw100ks or bsa r10 super carbine

    a Thanks for the offer bud All sorted now Thanks

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    hw100ks in .20 or 22 bsa in .22 cash waiting can collect if not too far


  3. wanted hw100ks or bsa r10 super carbine View Advert hw100ks in .20 or 22 bsa in .22 cash waiting can collect if not too far Advertiser wild dog Date 15/12/17 Price £550.00 Category Airguns  
  4. Theoben Rapid

    some one got a bargain
  5. as above come's with box and booklet very good condition all working as should Will add pictures later £195 collected from nottingham
  6. Touched By A Crow

    Yes I feel like that every time it go's wronge Glad you feel like that its good to respect your quarry
  7. Gamekeeper Ppsg

  8. Airarms S510 Ultimate Sporter .177

    is the scope and bipod included ?
  9. Gamekeeper Ppsg

    Thanks bud but am in no rush to sell am using a natural ive had for years and can shoot it very well and bought a oak fork catty OTT for a treat that I love that I can shoot even better one go's in my work coat one go's in my walking about coat sorted
  10. Gamekeeper Ppsg

    nice one
  11. Gamekeeper Ppsg

    tell me about it when I was after a used one I could not find one for love or money so bought new Its nice to hold fits the hand nice but TTF not for me o well if it don't sell I'll keep it as a paper weight lol
  12. Not had it long bought new just to try TTF but not for me sticking with OTT has few small hits £30 posted
  13. My Grandmas Friend Ethel

    2nd dibs on the freebie