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  1. Was it the FX Ranchero? I've seen this with a biopod and silencer.
  2. Possibly VHD, I hope not for your sake as this can wipe out a local population relatively quickly.
  3. The newer mags are ment to be black. Even though the silver ones can be used with the Wolverine there has been cases of them breaking as they were not devolped to be indexed the same as the Wolverine.
  4. I have a Daystate hard case and find its excellent quality, I found the plano ones to be made from flimsy plastic. You can import them direct from Negrini for half the price, Daystate put a 50% Mark up for adding their logo. http://www.negrinisrl.com/en/shop/cases-rifles/1640-c-isy-2/
  5. I had no plans to sell this but something has come up; Huntsman Wingmaster .177, excellent condition no marks or knocks, little use, like a new rifle. Comes with the airstream mk6 silencer, certificate of authenticity, a napier gun slip and the remaining H&N Barracudas (which is more or less a full tin). £800 face to face, but can travel to meet along the M6 from about Stoke to Cumbria. Regards Dave.
  6. Si Pittaway did a video explaining pellet trajectorys when shooting at angles. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nCJad1t3_CI
  7. Pop along to all the local butchers in your area and ask the for all the stuff they are sending to be destroyed or processed. They have to pay to have this removed, we get lamb joints, spines, ribs, chicken carcasses, pigs legs.... Etc and best of all its free. Just make sure you keep them happy with a nice bottle of scotch and a bottle of wine at Christmas.
  8. When we get our new pup we will be feeding a good quality puppy complete dry food and then introducing half a chicken wing at a time until it's stomach acid has built up enough to handle less dry food and more bones. Our flat coats are mostly on a bone diet (free from our local butcher) but we do supplement this with a good quality dry food (Proplan) depending on how easy they are going to the toilet. It's about finding a good balance which suits your dogs digestive system, some dogs will be fine on 100% bones while others won't. Our older dog struggles to go to toilet after a few days on bone
  9. Oldham and district Airgun club, based at Worsley near Manchester clay shooting. http://www.byleyftc.co.uk/links/odac.pdf There is also an indoor range at Atherton (A.I.R). Hope this helps.
  10. I'm looking forward to having a dog with a bit more intelligence. I love my flat coated retrievers, but there not the sharpest tool I the box.
  11. We went to visit our new Cocker Bitch this week, it was a 9 hour round trip but defiantly worth it. Think the next 4 weeks until we collect her will seem like a life time. We currently have Flat coat retrievers so a Cocker spaniel is going to be a whole new experience.
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