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  1. Squirrel bashing

    Cheers mate. Been out today but the ground was frozen In the wood which made it very noisy. Still managed 3 squirrels a jackdaw and pigeon
  2. A couple of catches from today

    Nice one trev looks cold out there. Doesn’t seem to bother the dogs tho. Well done.
  3. Squirrel bashing

    Yes I’ve seen some small ones aswell. I got one the other day and it had no tail at all weard little things they are.
  4. Squirrel bashing

    Sure have mate he’s tought me a lot about the hunting game and got me some good permission think he’s going to get me some more aswell happy days
  5. flir scout tk

    Do you sell the xq30v pal I’m looking for a thermal?
  6. Squirrel bashing

    Cheers pal I’ve done some decoying pigeons aswell with a mate.
  7. Squirrel bashing

    Cheers Brian I’ve had some good numbers off of one feeder that I put up didn’t realise how many they was.
  8. Squirrel bashing

    They all go in freezer first then feed the ferrets with them. Nothing goes to waist my mate has a hawk so he takes some aswell.
  9. Squirrel bashing

    Cheers mate looking forward to sharing my air rifle pics
  10. 4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Loud mouth fool don’t make me chuckle. Your still rabbiting on about s**t you no nothing about. Do you actually believe the s**t that comes out of your mouth? Do us all a favour and put your smelly socks init. Mu**et
  11. Squirrel bashing

    Cheers for the comments chaps. Ye the squirrels was taken in one sitting of 2nhalf hours off a feeder that I put up on a tree couldn’t believe it my self to be honest. My rifle is a cricket .177 sub12 and accurate as they come
  12. 4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Yes so best be quick il probably earn more money than you pal infact I no il earn more money than you. All you do is run your mouth your just a oxygen thief who’s got nothing better to do. You no this you no that you no jack s**t apart from how to type on your computer.
  13. 4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Yoooo odd socks I’ve been reading your comments for a while but only just joined the forum. Why don’t you put your dummy back in it’s you that needs to go to bed ya mu**et. Now do yourself a favour put ya pinny back on and do the dishes like a good little boy.
  14. 4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Because everyone on hear nose that your just a dcik with a big mouth that’s got nothing better to do than slag other people’s dogs off. It’s not there fault if your dogs not worth a w**k. Now shut up and blow your nose with ya smelly socks
  15. 4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Good clip trev. Nice one