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  1. Bone men

    Don’t know of one in West Yorkshire,I’ve always had to travel to Leigh nr Wigan to see Ken Woodacre 07836 787194.ken used to travel around greyhound stadiums & many motorway services but he retired from traveling a few years back,if he’s still in the game you will need to travel to Leigh to see him,i last went to see him around 5 years ago with a lame spaniel,Ken’s a great bloke and I’ve had some excellent results with him and he only charges £5.
  2. New Pup

    Very nice pup.
  3. Don’t you think the dogs mouth looks crooked, bottom teeth & top teeth are not inline, dogs teeth help keep the mouth inline.
  4. Don’t think I would be too keen on going to ground with what looks like no teeth.
  5. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    6 I would say is average but I’ve heard of 10 so fingers crossed.ftch x working dog is a good combination as too much ftch in the pedigree can make them harder to handle for what you want,what I will say is don’t bother getting one even if it’s free unless you are going to put the time in leaning it the basics or it will be three fields away hunting for its self.
  6. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    A cocker that couldn’t do a full days work,they must have been show bred or ill, cockers can work all day & everyday, pound for pound there’s not a stronger dog,my last cocker who was on the big side for a cocker he could get over a 5ft dry stone wall with a large hare.
  7. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Yes I’ve got one,they are good in any cover,wet weather up to the tits in mud not bother them,today I’ve had mine bumping rabbits off 3-4 inch of corn today.cockers can be strange dogs they are a little odd at times but get one with a good working pedigree and you won’t go to far wrong,I am on my second and they have both been loyal dogs,the one I have now is an excellent guard house dog, training is the key to a good cocker as without it they can be a pain.
  8. Swollen face

    Give it antihistamines for stings, hay fever tabs.
  9. I am sure there will be KC show dogs in America but don’t know if there’s any working cross breed types.there not common in the uk.
  10. Stoppers

    Dermisol cream is good at quickly healing wounds like stoppers cut, you can buy from Hyperdrug or vets.
  11. I didn’t get him from that bloke but know someone who’s been out with them hunting and says they are decent dogs & pack really well,cheers.
  12. Which bloke? Pups not a full Sealyham if you are thinking of that bloke who’s been in country mans weekly with a pack of Sealyham terriers, he is half Russell.
  13. Here’s Ted my Sealyham/Russell at 20 weeks retrieving a shot rabbit, at first he wanted to drag it by the ear but th penny soon dropped,he’s been sitting at distance to voice & whistle since he was 14 weeks.
  14. Hale vetenary Group

    Richmond house, Dewsbury, they also have a surgery in Wakefield, pups inoculations for both jabs £26, I’ve used them for years with no problems, only downside is it’s busy.
  15. Hale vetenary Group

    That’s disgusting the robbing txxts,I wonder if there’s a veterinarian ombudsmen he could report them too.