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  1. My mates APBT,it’s as big as my lab but looks like it’s on steroids,it’s light brown ginger colour with pale eyes,it’s impressive to look at but if that kicked off you would need an axe to stop it,I know there are some people that are really on top of these dogs and by all accounts when brought up correctly they make great dogs BUT I see too many with young lads as a status symbol,if same lads had collies as status symbols and encouraged them to bite people then they would but there’s a big difference in a collie nipping your arse and a pit bull hung off your wedding tackle!,for me they are pointless if someone is creeping about your property then a poodle could let you know so you can call the police or leather them.
  2. That’s good hear that your putting time in training the dogs.
  3. Each to there own but I think these are over kill for a house guard dog, all you need is something that barks,I wouldn’t keep anything that I couldn’t pull off a dog or person and looking at them they look determined & very strong plus there’s 2 of them.a pit bull terrier once attracted one of my dogs pinning it to the floor, it had to be hit very hard over the head to make it let go, it ruined my dog made it very nervous,I’ve a long time friend now with a pit bull,I’ve helped him train it regards heal work & general obedience and it’s a bright dog but I wouldn’t trust it as far as I could throw it,the potential this dog has to do some serious damage would be too much of a risk for me.
  4. An afternoon bolting

    Great pictures,I am guessing your into photography? I would love to able to take pics like that.well done.
  5. Bit of rough

    I had a few days out with Paul, that tyndale Hunt had loads of land,did he tell you story’s of pet foxes out hunting rabbits with dogs, he said he had video of it, wonder if video still around.
  6. Bit of rough

    Yes Gilbey slt, in bottom pic dog on right is joe,I got him from Paul hawks (RIP) terrier man for tyndale Hunt, both terriers dead now.
  7. Bit of rough

    Neil I agree a good spaniel takes some beating (I've got a cocker) but we're talking all round duties,few pics of my dogs of the past,the bottom pic is for you to show they could work fox as well, it was the white dog on the left that worked that one, the pic of the coloured dog retrieving fox had just bolted that and I shot it.when I had these dogs I had 6000 acre to go at but I was lucky if I worked a dozen foxes ayear to ground so squirrels rabbits rats I think are the best way to keep a dog busy,fit and there minds occupied.
  8. Shooting will be next,I know of large shooting estates were 500 birds are killed on one drive, drives go on for 45 mins,it costs over £2000 for the day! If shooting doesn’t self regulate then the government will do it for them.
  9. Bit of rough

    There can’t be many breeds as versatile as a working terrier,shame to just restrict them to just earth work,smart dog Terry.
  10. AWESOME New Hunting Mink!

    If that were me I wouldn't have there teeth so close to my cock! Good luck.
  11. Missed breeding opportunity there

    I agree there’s no way I am condoning high prices for dogs but like wise folks expecting them for next to nothing are just as bad, in my book tight b*****ds are just as bad as greedy b*****ds.
  12. Missed breeding opportunity there

    £500 is a lot of cash for the latest fad dog but there’s a lot of skint folks out there,who are only just getting by each week so can you really blame them for trying to make a few extra pounds?,regards £15 for a dog!! My guess is you’re never reared a litter? I’ve reared 3 litters of pups,2 litters for me a pup,1 litter for 2 mates & she only had 2 pups at £90 each,stud fee was £60 plus heat lamp, fresh meat, KC reg,rearing good pups is not a cheap job.its a very generous thing to give some one a pup for free or £20 but you shouldn’t expect it.
  13. Rats

    Good pile of rats black neck,did many get away?.
  14. Just the one pup left now

    Pup looks very nice Terry good pic too,if all goes well with your pup which I am sure it will what’s your plans for the future? Will you breed from her? If so what dog would you use?.
  15. Working dogs

    I joined this forum in November and the first topic that caught my eye was the bedlngton crosses of the 90s,great topic for me, it seemed to attract good conversation and lads that are happy hunting rabbits but on some threads (topics) this is almost frowned upon! Especially with terriers,for me if someone wants to hunt rabbits exclusively then it’s nothing to do with anyone else,I say let’s see more posts on what you like hunting with your dogs and fxxk the flack you may get.