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  1. Bull Greyhound

    Nice solid looking bitch
  2. Ginger Beards Pup

    Yes mate give me a shout whenever
  3. Ginger Beards Pup

    Alright mate been really busy with work and kids etc haha been doing bits with my other young lurcher though he's coming on leaps and bounds now!! You been doing much?yeah mate done abit had more bad nights then good ones Can't be good ‍♂️ My lads resting at the minute
  4. Ginger Beards Pup

    Alright mate been really busy with work and kids etc haha been doing bits with my other young lurcher though he's coming on leaps and bounds now!! You been doing much?
  5. Ginger Beards Pup

    Sorry Iv been away for a while lads! Pups looking well Chris one of the bitches that went to Northampton is doing bits already Going well though!! For anyone that doesn't already know i had to get rid of the Bitch I kept back for myself which gutted me as all that time and effort and money was for nothing however I'll still et enjoyment seeing most of them work
  6. Deerhound X Greyhound

    Me.... shithole if I'm honest yeah,how does him,his brother,sister and mum live in a 2 bed and his kennels are just sheds but what did you think of his dogs.? Nothing wrong with his dogs all looked in good condition reall old school working type deerhounds
  7. Deerhound X Greyhound

    Me.... shithole if I'm honest
  8. Deerhound X Greyhound

    how much is he paying you too say that statement Lmao people have their own views on him mate he's never down anything wrong to me don't get me wrong he can talk some shit but he's harmless with it and I also talks a lot of sense too
  9. White Or Near White Lamp Dogs

    Nobody can say wether abpups going to be any good or not just because of its colour! Unless there collie in the genes... then your wasting your time
  10. Deerhound X Greyhound

    Nothing wrong with platts he gets some stick put the fact he has dogs all over the uk and over sea's speaks for itself I live in the next village to him and although he could do with a wash he's a nice bloke and knows his stuff when it comes to running dogs, I knownlads that have been to greyhound vets with lurchers and walked away without answers then took them to plattsy and he's found the problem within a matter of minutes, Iv got time for Dave although I don't know him very well every time Iv spoke to him he's always polite and has time for anyone in this game, not seen much of his dogs work Hurd good and bad about them abit like anyone who breeds to that amount your going to get good and bad
  11. Fox

    Think he's making a point that foxes do kill sheep as the antis claim this is incorrect, it's okay for you Irish lads but over here we're not aloud to hunt them with lurchers
  12. Best X You Ever Owned

    Got to be this old boy for me recently had to be pts not long had some pups sired by him, I'm going off simply the amount of gear Iv taken with him purely down to working him for so long day time and night time, had great manners, good in the kennel, always ruled the roost he would sit in the front of the van wherever I took him, brilliant around the terriers and never false marked, wasn't the fastest of dogs by all means but would roll around all night long with no reverse gear, in 8 1/2 years he never put a foot wrong for me.
  13. Mates Coll X Grey

    Stunning mutt that! Shame it's got collie in
  14. Kennel Rest

    Unless it's a chipped bone to the elbow then you will keep displacing it not letting it heal ..... Or it's a tendon injury then the last thing you need to be doing is aggravating it by manipulation ..... Just for exeample ....... I know what your saying, although I had a buddy greyhound with a tendon injury and beleive me they let you know about it lol