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  1. Gutted

    Gutted for you Chris! Fingers crossed you get the best outcome which could be something like rest him up for the summer 🤷🏾‍♂️ Let me know bud
  2. What the best?

    Hi all never really used night vision only once or twice, so I'm just seeing what your lots opinions are about the best sort of night vision but not rediculously expensive, I know you pay for what you get but I tend to cope well enough without it, I just need something as back as we do come across the odd lamp shy fox
  3. Gutted

    Cheers for all the messages 👍🏼 It's just one of those things it could happen to any one of us in this game, just have to re-load and fire again, I'm lucky to have the lads around that I do hence why I'm back up and running with a dog I bred 12 months ago, iv knocked this season on the head now, just going to let this youngster mature abit over the summer months and get him ready for stubble time.
  4. Gutted

    Yes he's a top bloke! And he's gave me some great sport in the last season, on top of that he's done a cracking job bringing this pup on he's a pleasure to take out, iv not done any lamping with him myself yet as I'm going to give him this summer to mature abit and just find his feet abit better and then I'll hit the stubble hard 👍🏼
  5. Gutted

    The dog in the photos is the one iv just lost, cheers guys 👍🏼
  6. Gutted

    Cheers mate it's the game we're in I guess! We can all do everything in our power to prevent something like this from happening but once the dogs been slipped it's out of our hands isnt it, I'm just grateful he would killed out-right and didn't suffer, my mates dog was slipped with him, his dog made it across the road and back across, his dog didn't return either but we found him standing at the side of the road next to my dog
  7. Some folk call it bollocks and some folk call it coincidence but iv only ever known and Hurd of pups out of a pure greyhound coming good when the greyhound is the bitch 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'm not saying greyhound dog or bitch it's just my own experience and what iv been told that's all, however a mating like this I'd deffantly use a greyhound as the bitch anyhow you'll get pups in between the greyhound and the whippet but there's every chance you'll get a pup that throws the whippet and a pup or two that throws the greyhound, that's when there could be problems
  8. Gutted

    Hi all thought take time to do a quick post took dog out other night first slip with him he followed it up for two large fields (bugger for using his bloody nose) didn't return, found him in the middle of the road stone dead, Range Rover hit him, gutted to say the least he was a good dog building himself a great reputation for catch rate and for just being an all round good hunting dog, I'll re-load and fire again, luckily some of you might remember 12 months ago I bred a litter of pups and due to circumstances I had gift away the bitch I had kept back, thankfully a man I had never met before purchased a dog and a bitch off me, since then I have grew great friends for him and when he Hurd the news he rang me up the next day and told me to fetch the dog from him as much as he didn't want to give him me back he couldn't see me without a dog, sononwards and upwards I move on.
  9. Half crosses

    Can't find the ad with the half x bitch on and yes mate them pups look nice to be fair
  10. Half crosses

    Haha couldn't think of ote worse mate
  11. FAC licensing

    So I should have 1 year left to wait?
  12. FAC licensing

    Thanks mate my uncle shoots a rifle and I asked him he did say that he doesn't know as he's had his rifle years and years and obviously the laws change but he'd Hurd it was around a five year wait, just wondered though if this is from the start of the sentence or from when the sentence finishes
  13. whats the best food for lurchers

    Depends on the individual dog mate most dogs iv owned have all done well on turkey necks! I usually feed just raw, I'm lucky enough that my father in-law worked at a deer park hotel he gets me raw pig heads and trotters on a weekly basis along with venison scraps, + red deer and fallow deer heart, kidneys and liver, saying all of that iv had dogs run just aswell on Aldi food
  14. Half crosses

    Try again mate just deleted a few messages
  15. FAC licensing

    Right okay mate thanks