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  1. Lost him now mate got hit by a car a month or so ago, very good dog, could go through the gears like something else
  2. I couldn’t tell you mate he only had a dash of saluki in him on the Dad side the Mum was out of a 3/8 5/8 bull grey to a greyhound, the Dad was made up of mainly bull grey but had a dash of saluki in him, litter brother to black necks dog
  3. Been busy fellas I’m back!! Haa, I contacted walshie and asked him if he could delete my posts and the good man himself did it, sometimes it’s easy to bite when your talking to people who have opinions on something they have little experience in,
  4. Still wouldn’t go to Hancock’s for a dog wether it’s for working, agility or on the sofa, his pups don’t have an awful lot of time spent with them, a lot of them die and end up on the bins around the back, any that are left get given to a lad I know who’s also not worthy of the dog game,
  5. Haha give me 1 reason why anybody would like Hancock’s, the man himself and his daughter both nothing but money grabbing b*stards, can anybody speak up for his daughter? Because she told me to my face that she works them dogs I personally beleive it’s bs because when you start quizzing her she can’t answer you, David himself may have done abit in his day but he hasn’t done anything for years, I can’t support anyone who breeds lurchers to make money, it’s either for own use or nothing imo
  6. While we’re at it name me a collie greyhound that’s caught and killed 5 foxes... ya clown
  7. Don’t get one the man hasn’t got a clue his kennels are a shit tip he hasnt worked a dog for years and his daughters never seen a rabbit or anything else, he’s a puppy peddler that should be banned from owning dogs imo, if you want a pup to work go else where, I’m sure there’s some folk off here looking to do some mating this summer out of honest collie crosses, go to Hancock’s and you’ll be disappointed, never seen a good one come out of his kennels yet and iv seen atleast 10 work, that was enough for me
  8. Incorrect sir! I have seen a good one before, 1 good one out of a ridiculous amount, and even that was only good for a Hancock’s
  9. I’m just ticking him over until stubble now had abit of fun with him last weekend but he’s done really well until now couldn’t ask for better signs
  10. Oh no sorry I wasn’t saying that I meant as far as getting a good well bred greyhound bitch you’d do very well to get better breeding than the bitch I used atb
  11. Nope just two boys, no fun for me...
  12. No fight for me I might smoke and have a bull cross but it’s all a disguise I’m only hard when my daughter i mean my Mrs gets naked
  13. Let myself down that’s me not getting sleep tonight...
  14. Don’t need one I smoke because I’m ard hence why I have a bull x
  15. Fancy going over my bitch? I need something that’ll add abit of fire
  16. Couldn’t agree more but I’m slightly confused at why iv upset you so much... we were talking about all round dogs, I gathered an all round dog meant something of the past that can cope with all quarry, hence the name an all arounder, if I was wrong then surely there is no point even talking about an all rounder as an all rounder of today is something that can catch rabbits day and night I can assure you I don’t aim to incriminate myself or anybody else in anyway I was simply talking about a dog of the past that can do everything but an expert of none that is all
  17. Never said they would be easy not that I know, already worried that my doors going to get knocked of it’s hinges! what do I know anyway I only hunt rabbits
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