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  1. Sirblessed

    A day for the pup

    Thanks mate glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Sirblessed

    A day for the pup

    Hey guys. I took young fleet out today for a bit of a look, and some general training we managed to catch a couple, Fleet chased his first rabbit and learned a few things I’m sure. I am pretty happy how he is travelling at the moment; I won’t take him out ferreting now for about a month, and just continue to work on his general obedience and recall.
  3. Sirblessed

    In The Big House

    This was him today, he settled in well
  4. Sirblessed

    Kits update almost 2 weeks

    I like the Mum too
  5. Sirblessed

    In The Big House

    From the Doghouse to the Big House Some may remember about a month ago I met up with a young man I now call Jonesy, who contacted me via social media looking for advice on the art of ferreting, Jonesy now frequents some of my days in the field, the best part is, that he now takes his kids out to enjoy it too. When we first met he already had a few young ferrets, (now all working) one in particular was Dozer a young Hob, no older than I would say 5 months, and he was a savage a ferret toward humans as I have ever encountered in my 40 + years of owning them. It was a big day for Dozer who I now own, after a month of working with him I was confident enough to move him into the big house with some of my other ferrets, what a turnaround in this ferret he is now one of the friendliest , and social ferrets I have had the pleasure of owning.
  6. Sirblessed

    Fecking love it

    Nothing better than watching the dogs run.
  7. Sirblessed

    Fleet - pup update

    Nothing wrong with a well bred ped whippet either
  8. Sirblessed

    Fleet - pup update

    Jonesy got little bitch stag x whippet I thought it might be a bit tall, but she looks like she will be just right, she is beautiful. You find them you just have to wait till they come up
  9. Sirblessed

    I've got a horrible feeling....

    Sometimes they can have a phantom, I bought a Jill this year that was said to be in kit, she looked the part but she never had any. My Hob was done twice first one failed and I ended up with 4 Jills in kit. all good now second time round
  10. Sirblessed

    Fleet - pup update

    Thanks mate, yea he might get a little bigger than first thought, sometimes they can surprise when they throw a bit in height to the stag, he wont make more than 23 (I hope )Zip is 21.5 tts
  11. Sirblessed

    Fleet - pup update

    Just a quick look at how young Fleet now 3 ½ months old and Dozer the previously vicious ferret are going.
  12. Sirblessed

    Ferreting with Jonesy & Kev

    Glad you enjoy them mate, we do have a bit of fun making them, that’s for sure
  13. An awesome day out with big Kev and Jonesy, the weather, and scenery was fantastic, we managed to get a few rabbits as a bonus, it doesn’t get much better than this
  14. Sirblessed

    Never get enough of this

  15. Sirblessed

    Never get enough of this

    We do mate but not many, they usually only go in burrows if we scare them and they shoot down them for protection rabbits will clear there burrows of snakes believe it or not