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  1. Deerhound x 15 months old soon

    Nice cross, get a good one with a bit of heart, they are hard to beat, very popular dog over here. Nice pup
  2. Anyone else work a springer spaniel out ferreting

    Great looking dog looks like it is handy for the job
  3. how good it is to be out and about with friends

    Well done boys. Warm in England now thats funny.
  4. Jim and Micky

    I felt sorry for him, when he started to slag whippets , I knew then he had mental issues
  5. Out & About

    He was asking his dad for the money for the ferrets while I was there.
  6. Out & About

    Just a bit of footage from a couple of the properties I was at last week, while out and about
  7. This is a wind up right? If not dont listen to the know it all's. Its fine many of good dogs from both ways, the bitch will be ok no problem, I promise the sky won't fall.
  8. Couple hours out this morning

    Well done mate, hope ya get a few in the morning as well, I was out trying the new Jill too, she did well.
  9. One of the best days in awhile

    It’s was a pleasant change for me, 95% of the time I’m on my own, which doesn’t bother me. That young kid will be buying ferrets this week, it was great to see a young un take such an interest, most would rather stay inside and play xbox.
  10. Hey Guy’s, I went to a new property today that only holds a few , had a great day out , we didn’t catch many, only bolted a few, but the weather was fantastic, and I got the opportunity to meet Bryce, and his son Aden. Aden was keen to learn, and before today had never handled a ferret, he was like a duck to water. It was very rewarding, to be able to pass on some knowledge, and watch this young man enjoying the day. It’s definitely not about numbers on days like this. It was one of the best days I have had in awhile. Will post a video in the coming days
  11. Such a thing as to many?

    He should let you on, doing them a favour really.
  12. Such a thing as to many?

    Same here, doesn't knock them round much any more not like it use too
  13. Such a thing as to many?

    Seen no mixo yet, and summer is almost done, might hit soon.
  14. Such a thing as to many?

    RHVD and the new K5 strain, has been let go on a few of the permissions I frequent, and has had little impact, it is more effective is some areas than others,where their resistance is still building
  15. Such a thing as to many?

    I can't believe the amount of rabbits there are this year, and the amount of feed on the ground only adding to the numbers, is there such a thing as to many? This is a copy of a post I put on my page today. https://www.(!64.56:886/The-Ferret-Man-1407324296039166/ There are more rabbits this year than I have seen for the last 10 years, and it seems the farmers agree. This week alone, I have had four phone calls from new farmers, asking if I could come out and help clear a few, I took on two of them, one in MT Cottrell the other in Dereel , I had to regretfully declined the other two. I have to many as it is at the moment to keep up with, so if you are on my list be patient, I will be back soon, especially now the better weather is coming, and I can get a bit more done. I will see you Friday Kyle, and Neil see you Sunday. Thank you for your patience, and all the recommendations guy’s. Cheers Doug