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Bloody hell strawberry fields you seem to have a serious problem with downsouth, and its all on wheeler related breeding is it a personel vendetta or has he upset you on here and you have made this profile up to put doubt to his integrity, perhaps it would be better to explain yourself instead of jumping on every thread throwing muck, i know i would respect your opinion more if you did

regards hedz

Like you said he has had to make a new profile to come on spouting crap,Just a sad prick who needs to get out more.
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dog in my avatar is half wheeler, im happy with how he's coming 3 digs so far in 1st season, will up date recent pics soon. whatever line, if your happy with ur dog and its doing what u want,thats all that counts.atb


he looks a nice stamp a.t.b for the rest of the season thumbs.gif

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