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I am thinking of getting a scope I can use for all times as I only own one rifle and don’t really need another as only do rabbits really but would like to be able to do some night shooting or stay out after it’s dark without having to change scopes/guns. Are these types of scopes good? Had a little look at the pulsar digex c50 which looks good but is expensive. Anyone got one of these? Worth the money? Any advice appreciated, thanks! 

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On 21/09/2022 at 21:21, David.evans said:

Probably the best out there 

if your only shooting say 100 y for rabbits have a look a the pard 008 


Thanks for the reply. I doubt I’d ever shoot further than that and already have a pulsar spotter that does a very good distance. 

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Yes it does if it’s. Going on a 17 hmr it’s flat shooting to 120 yards and no need for anything else 

I have the c50 on the 243 for fox and a 008lrf on the 1.7 

I have a 007 that I stick on the 22lr and that’s good at rabbit ranges as well 

what are you shooting with . .? 

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Only a .22 and generally like to get fairly close and normally shooting off the shoulder or laying flat. I don’t ever shoot anything other than rabbits and if shooting at night would probably get even closer than during the day. Got a few spots that are hard to shoot during the day (just can’t get close enough) and I can’t get in there with the ferrets so thought it would be good to try and thin them out at night when it’s a bit easier. 

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Hik alpex, £800 it does everything, on a full moon night i can still use mine on day mode and when switching over to nite mode i dont need to use the ir torch to see rabbits upto 100 yrds, the ir that comes with it easily spots rabbits 100yrd-150yrds, you wont go wrong with one of them mate 

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