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They look stunning the old bull crosses with a good shine sure do take a lovely picture. Hope you have a great season. Regarding smaller types I deliberately aimed for a smaller dog this time around at about hopefully 22 inch. Just no need for any thing bigger for what I want and may fly under the radar better. 

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5 minutes ago, JBs Left Peg said:

This class winner must of been 28” to the shoulder very slender with pins really showing .

A good run would of brought it to some harm.

That would probably be the over 26" class.

Be interesting to see the overall champ. 

I had my tickets and vehicle pass but something came up at the last minute so couldn't make it.


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1 minute ago, JBs Left Peg said:

By all accounts the cock of the north champions are done and dusted first .

Then classes for the day done .

This was after 4pm so prob won the over 26 class on the day.

Just my opinion but a terrible example everything exaggerated and or weak looking ?

As much use as hanging out the window wi a bow saw

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It used to be the open show, then the cock of the north, and the winner of the open show went into the cock of the north. 

I did that with Delta one year, but now it's the cock of the north first then the open show for some reason.

And the classes have changed, now it's up to 23" and over 23".

I think the lurcher show changed after Ron Hodgson stopped running it. I know he upset some of the "professional " showers and judges.


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