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Squirrel Cubbies

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Had some left over wood from the rabbit trap and threw this together. Guess y'all would call it a tunnel.Was gonna use it on rats but my trail cams are showing I kill them all apparently so guess I'll have to wait for winter an see if the squirrels like it. Any of you guys mess with cubbies for squirrels alot ? 


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44 minutes ago, Ken's Deputy said:

What's with the top blocks, Wolfie? What purpose do they serve, please? :hmm:


You talking about the ones in front ? Well keep larger critters from sticking there heads in. A 120 will kill a squirrel and all but a raccoon or Large possum...weeellll. aslo help to exclude nosey dogs and the like if it's set on the ground

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1 hour ago, W. Katchum said:

I live in the boundary of the reds territory and there’s a large effort that spans the width of the country that’s trying to control the greys here to create corridors an safe heavens for the reds, so killing them with traps is a bit of a no no, chances of me actually trapping a red are minimal at this time but there’s still a chance so it’s all feedings stations an live catch traps with gravity doors for me when the job needs em. 

i always said I’d love to have a good play about with body grips an cubbies for them tho. But also saw some sets over your way that where just a couple  screws in tree to hold trap an no cubby, that looked deadly ?

No kind of behavioral differences between the two you could take advantage of to exclude the possibility of catching one over the other  more or less ? I'm sure great have to do something or be attracted to things that reds arnt ??

O and yeah I know the set you are talking about. Those are usually some pissed off home owner or kid who doesn't know better who saw a "survival" video on YouTube. It's a really good way to kill alot of bird honestly ??

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13 minutes ago, Wolfdog91 said:

 Well keep larger critters from sticking there heads in.


Ahh. Cool. I hadn't even thought about that. Myself, I just rely on putting the cubby where nothing wrong should be able to reach it. Basically, off the ground then.

I also put mesh at the back, where I may want to place bait / lure. I rely on my slots though to make the springs fire the trap toward the catch though.

Would not your trap fire Away from anything coming in from the other end? Or am I just Really that ignorant about these traps?

(I'm the first to admit; I don't like this form of trap. They're fiddly, to me. And the springs scare me. I'm terrified of getting clouted by one, never mind the jaws!)



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The  Conibear is an incredibly versatile Killing Trap Brother,...it does take a wee bit of practice to become accustomed to it's method of catching,...(totally opposite to the Fenn and other jump traps)..but the multitude of varying sets that it lends itself , is truly amazing...?

Set well, and firmly stabilised, this trap can be a genuinely humane killer, of small vermin species.

However, there is a problem ?

The Conibear can be set almost anywhere that its target chooses to run,.. Fallen trees, natural tunnels , regular crossing places, runs through reed beds or gorse and under bridges,...but, alas, not in my back yard,.... or yours....?

 Our small over-populated Island, simply does not have the room for such a trap,...everything has to be in a Tunnel,...and there  you  have it, one of the contemporary trapper's most lethal tools,.. effectively,....Gelded.?




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I’ve not been trapping to long but the body grips are by far my favourite, they can be used in so many ways so many places there easy get around,don’t stand out to prying eyes and kill clean , unfortunately they been pain in arse to get hold of lately .

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