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Literally entry level. need some basic advice to get myself on this journey

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Hi There,

My name is Farge and I am literally as entry level as they come. I have been feeling a calling to start and hunt my own food for some time now as I have struggled with the factory farming methods used in this country and really want to feel a connection with what I eat and contribute less to the factory farming industry. I intend to start small (Obviously) with rabbit and pheasant (as there seems to be an abundance by me) and would love to move into larger game in the future. I also want to fish for edible fish such as river trout too.

Back about 20 years ago I got into trouble with the law and got sent to young offenders prison for fighting and they said i could never get a firearm licence but i have read that this can be reviewed.... is there any hope for me? I believe that starting a family and since going on to better myself by working as a professional manager, gaining a degree and Royal Chartership in building shows that my character has changed from the stupid mistakes that 18 year olds without guidance make. I think that I could possibly overturn this but just want to see if I am wasting my time or not.

Can anyone point me to the very basics on how to get started... I am going to visit the BASC website now for more info too.

Thanks all, I look forward to starting this exciting journey



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Just apply for 1, tell the truth and see what happens ................I've a conviction or two and a stint or two in her majesties establishments but still got passed for a shotgun certificate and then a year or two later got my firearms.........put a form in pay ya fee and take ya chance  

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On 07/10/2021 at 18:43, Mistafarge said:

contribute less to the factory farming

There are plenty of alternatives to "factory farming" (though I'd love to hear what you define as factory farming). 99.9% of uk lamb is outdoor free range. Majority of UK beef is outdoors spring - sometime in autumn (some are out all year but equally some never go out). 

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