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Back out with the kral

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Only got the two not much about last night 

But had a good night 

I got to the perm first and on arrival got the first one strait away at 35 yrds 

Head shot 

Second one later in the night

Sean got 7 

Had for got my battery's so a quick look around the tank and I found some but these did not last long 

Could not believe I had left them fully charged as well sitting on my bench at home lol

Any way we called it time at 12,30 

And headed back to Sean's 

He had made a raddits stew the night before 

With white wine mustered and so on 

So he gave me some witch I had for my supper when I got home 

It was lush and went down a treat 

He washed and prepped the rabbits we got last night for a rabbit curry 

Next time 

Atvbjimmy ???





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On 19/09/2021 at 21:11, vizlauk said:

Pleased you enjoyed it ! Surprised you didn't mention your shot with the hmr

Did not want to say out Sean 

But it blew me away 

And the rabbit lol

So yes lads two with the kral and 1 with the hmr 

Out tomorrow at the range 

Putting the kral through its paces 

This rifle is Un real lads 

But for £300 I thought why not 

Iv had some of the best and some of the worst 

But up to now im over the moon with this rifle 

Atvbjimmy ???

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18 hours ago, villaman said:

HMR is a nice little tool Jimmy 

shoot mine more than .22 lr 

looks like you are bonding with Kral ??

It's a cracking rifle the 17hmr mitch 

As for the kral iv been back to the range today with it 

As I took the discovery scope off to much scope for me mitch 

And as I use a lamp it's hard to see the ret at night 

So had to zero the vantage sf in 

As I put that on and it never missed a beat out to 60mtrs 

I'm really liking this rifle to the point I'm thinking of getting the kral dazzle or high cap 

The accuracy of this kral jumbo is stupid for a cheap pcp was a bloke there today with a GAYSTATE wolf

Put them side by side and if it was not for a few suttle differences you would not tell them apart 

He shot the kral and was impressed with it 

Dif was he gave 1800+ for his and I gave 300 for mine lol

Took JayB0 with me to get his new rifle a hw97kt with a stunning stock on it and in 177

Nice gun to 

Atvbjimmy ???










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2 hours ago, bigmac 97kt said:

Nice to see you back again Tom 

How you keeping my friend 

Atvbjimmy ???

Thanks mate im doing great now, finally got around to sorting things out. the best ive been in years.

hope your well too buddy 

atb BT 

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3 hours ago, BIG TOM said:

Thanks mate im doing great now, finally got around to sorting things out. the best ive been in years.

hope your well too buddy 

atb BT 

I'm getting there TOM 

had a bad year mate 

Lost my daughter to cancer 

Then had 3 strokes mini ones mind 

Each one worse than the last 

But I'm up and back at it with the help of the lads off hear and some good friends 

I'm so happy your back and at it your self Tom and well 

Atvbjimmy ???

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