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Border lakey types

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On 26/03/2020 at 08:12, Coursing mad 24 said:

Anyone still keep work old type border lakey    S still . Any picks ? 

I don,t know why they ever lost their fashion as they were once so common and reliable.Shows and ribbons perhaps?.

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All ther hunt type terriers   Years ago was all border lakey or called fell type terriers.        A lot of borders now and the show bred whippet type lackies that don't come out of ther pen shouldn't even get a proper look at the working terrier shows      Shame people don't appreciate the old red black or Black and Tan old fell types.     

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dug my first fox with a border lakey 1988 around that time there was terriers bred this way in nearly every street in my scheme and not the boxy stuff you see nowadays right rough n ready wee terriers...wish i could get my hands on something like that now

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One of the first terriers i owned rescued her of a travellers site used to pass by their every other day she was locked in a old escort estate with all the young kids teasing it talked to one of the older kids she if she was for sale wouldn’t sell me her for months every time i passed still there getting teased told the lad would give him an ounce of resin for her next day she was mine one of the best digging dogs I’ve ever owned lived to the ripe old age of 17 this was 25 years ago rip Peggy 

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