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Proper look out

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Great shooting. Could be dropped but as you say, there’s a lot of food there. I shot four in one night on a horsey place with the shotgun years ago. They were almost tame and full of mange. Managed a few litters but nothing on that scale 👏🏻 

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Great result there. Shows the difference in a few lads having a night out and a dedicated fixer. Got to admit I am surprised at the numbers this time of year. I cover a large chicken unit have built fox boxes there and bait the area. It certainly is one hell of a draw. 


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58 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

The numbers I get are nothing new for the area .Will be another load there next time I go .

Had 85 in 18 months off the one I cover. But only rarely seeing more than one or two as I am there pretty much every week. Sat with thermal and pard. Very rarely call now as bait seems to be the draw where I want them. First few weeks I took it on it was overrun.  

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