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Border terrier

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2 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

My youngest lad is desperate for a dog, iv put it off long enough. Anyone know of any pups 

Are u trying to get him out of the game as quick as he’s started??. Get him a proper dog  finding a proper border pup will be as hard to find as hens teeth. All the best with ur search ??

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He's only 6. The Mrs is allergic to dogs but she seems to get on with borders. Perhaps it's the coarse hair. Plus he's only six so I'm not after a full on earth dog. Plus I like borders, they seem to be quieter and more laid back. But if he starts to show an interest in working it perhaps he and the dog can do a bit of ratting and messing about along the river banks. I could perhaps take it to work with me as well to catch the odd rat in a front room or factory. 


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3 hours ago, Aussie Whip said:

I think your better off with a show type terrier for a young kid.I had silky terriers as a kid and they would hunt anything,top rat dogs.they would also come home and not be a pain like most hunting bred terriers are when not working.

Most of the borders iv seen even from working lines have been a bit like that anyway. I'm open to advice though 

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Not everyones cup of tea and maybe not yours but i would give a bedlington some consideration. ive been around people with them for over 20 years and my own is nearly 13. Temperament wise they have all been great dont cast in the house ideal for people with allergies.Very busy outside but have a good off switch in the house very laid back. Some people say they have no recall and dont listen they can be stubborn like most terrier breeds but just put the early work in obedience wise and recall etc. i had no real problems with mine i would say he was a biddable dog. i only used him ferreting( great marking dog) ratting treeing/marking squirrels to be shot etc.Took some fur and feather when out general mooching.Great around people/kids/stock no dog aggression.

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