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lumps of pups ,good luck with them lads ,franks a serious looking dude lol

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On 04/08/2019 at 18:09, Dig-deep-draw-charlie said:

Went today with a mate and picked up the bitch pup from a mating to 1 of my old dogs, the mate even managed to get a cracking pup himself, cheers to the fella! Didn’t have to do it! Real genuine guy, very few about! We will be down this season and ur always welcome uo! Cheers mate! Meet Betty.......




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32 minutes ago, Apache... said:

How is your black bitch pup getting on dig deep, my one is a handful. 

Getting on well mate, she’s a game wee f****r, same as that other bitch we got! Won’t back down, will get a couple of pics of her for ya mate, 


thon frank fella is gonna be a big boy! 




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She's coming on nicely strong head and front, the whole litter were good and strong your dog is throwing good solid pups. 👍

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