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I've been through it as best as I can in the short time. We all need to read it ourselves but here's a few points that might help.

GL 34 is flora and fauna..

For us that mostly means protecting songbirds, for that we can only deter/shoot, crows, jackdaws, jays and magpies.

So obviously we can only make use of this GL in nesting season if we are to abide strictly by the law.

GL35 is public health and public safety.

Crows, jackdaws, magpies, ferals and rooks.

Most of us won't shoot under this GL, I think this will be more for pest control companies.

GL 36 Prevent serious crop damage.

Crow, jackdaw, magpie, ferals, rook, woodpigeon.

Collared doves are not covered at all, neither are any of the gulls. A few others like parakeets, geese etc are on there but no interest to most of us.

Preemptive or preventative shooting seems to be ok so decoys, shooting on stubble and roost shooting should be fine.

We still have the issue of alternative methods if possible so tread carefully.

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