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Not a total waste of a day

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Set up on the farm for a bit of pigeon and crow, very few about so the farmer is happy they seemed to have moved. Only a hand full about so packed up. 

Seen the farmer on the way out and he kindly gave me £20 for the crows I left him the other week, happy days😊 

Had a walk round the other field down the road from the farm and the shotgun goes up and a tree rat bites the dust. This boy had some big nuts on him 😂IMG_20190323_100951_1.jpg.dcaee16df6709e812df1b108ec49d416.jpg

Managed a pigeon flying over put landed in the woods and couldn't find it, hate it when that happens. 

Just as I was heading back to the van shotgun goes up again and bagged a rabbit. IMG_20190323_130807.jpg.08d884dc543ce91525da440a4be0b2d6.jpg

Got talking to another farmer, nice friendly chap he was. Even took some of my flyers, so fingers crossed I get a few calls🤞🏻.

Been a nice walk round in all  and glad it wasn't wasted. 😊

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13 hours ago, Stavross said:

Bloody hell, if you told me he was dishing out 20 quids I’d of flung a sickie😂😷

nice day to be out mate, the weather has been spot on

😂 Seen him on the way out and a £20 appeared, wouldn't care he never got to hang the crows as they got nabbed by a cat or a fox😂 he never moved them off the weigh bridge 🙄🤔

Yeah weather was spot on topped the day off. 

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On 25/03/2019 at 12:52, BenBhoy said:

I can't believe you get 5iver a crow, you done a good deal there mate!

His beans he sowed were getting hammered, when I was having a walk round clearing rabbits he said he'd give me a fiver as he was at his wits end. Definitely an incentive to get at them and a bonus for me Ben😉

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