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On 24/03/2019 at 22:59, gnasher16 said:

Ive got a bit of a fetish for lawnmowers i love tearing about in ours....if youve got a 100 ft garden why dont you get a cheap ride on job off Ebay....we,ve also got a Hayter Harrier must be about 20 years old for the hard to reach places i think they are a decent mower ?  the newer Hayter ones have something like a 21" cut im sure a good secondhand one would be as good as some of them shitty ones Homebase and the like sell ?

A ride on would be too much for this place . At my previous place we had an orchard to cut and I could have done with a ride on then . I had to make do with a Hater mower it was called a Hayterette and it would cut through anything. Plus they have the Royal seal , so if they’re good enough for Her Majesty!! This Mountfield I’ve just got is the business . I watched the video on the screfix website, and this Yorkshire salesman  said “now this is the Farrari of lawnmowers “ and that was it !!

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The thing with lawn mowers, like many other things is that a lot of them are the same product with a different name and livery. Mountfield and Atco are two old established British companies but they are now part of the Global Garden Products company along with Stiga, Alpina and Castel Garden. If you look at the similar models from each of those companies you'll find that they are actually identical and all made in the same factory in Italy. Even the web sites are the same design. GGP also make mowers for retailers such and can be branded with a different name, but will have GGP somewhere on the identification plate and the address for the guarantee will be Castelfranco in Italy. Most of their mowers use B&S engines or Kawasaki. However they also have their own brand of motors that are Chinese sourced and according to my friend who knows about these things are best avoided.  

Husqvarna also make McCulloch, Gardena, Best Green and Jonsared amongst others.

If you push the boat out and look at an Iseki you will also find that they make Snapper lawn tractors that sell at a lower price.


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I had a outfront husky,a bit older model,pile of shit any rock,ant mound,etc and the blades would snap the shear pins,it took hours to reset the3 blades,and put new pins in.i got a stiga park pro,and thats quality,no prob with it,honda 520cc engine.beautifull mower.

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Whatever mower you get drain it of all its fuel before putting it away for the winter, this goes for all petrol garden equipment. This will stop you getting problems with the carb gumming up.Watch this vid and it'll explain why fuel from petrol stations are bad for garden tools.


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