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Coursing mad 24

Pocket rocket Powell

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I looked when getting ace and couldn’t find anything but happen to come by a particular well bred litter, which I acquired ace from. He’s a good animal that’s regularly worked on Fox. First ross.



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2 hours ago, Coursing mad 24 said:

What size I see he mate looks spot on what's his pace like 

He’s 21 tts .. he’s not bad for pace but at the end of the day he’s a bull whippet.. he’d lack in a long run for obvious reasons but it’s very rarely he’d get a long run here tbh 

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He looks handy and got some good blood in him,I bred a litter of bull whippet in late 80s,

i had a good brindle staff bull bitch that worked fox rat but I used her as ferreting bitch mostly and my pal had a really nice whippet dog .

bitch had five pups but only 3 lived.we kept pup each and one went up north .

all 3 took to fox and good rabbit dogs ,they was about 18 19 tts but punched above there size .

They was just to small for what I wanted so 

i put my dog to a ridge b x g hound and the pup I got for stud fee was turning out a good juckel but sadly got run over near local air base .

as a vermin dog I don't think u can beat terrier x whippet .

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Lads run this type years ago I had a bitch that carried Staffordshire bull terrier cross whippet in her blood she was a cracking dog only dog I've ever owned that took 4 bunnies off 1 slip 

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A mate of my mate had a couple he used to work ideal for terrier and round holes I'm more a half bull grey hound type just my personal preference 

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My pocket rocket still going 8yrs old now.been a Trojan he has,very good work horse with a great temp.

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