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Virgin vs Sky?

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We pay £60 a month for sky plus,record 7 channels at once, every channel except sports, phone and unlimited Internet, they own the box and will replace it for free😉and best of all...... You speak to some cnut whos actually speaks english👍used to work for Bt, 8 yrs ago, changing over from ali cable to copper, and blowing the fibre. Sky are about the best in my opinion, do good mobile phone deals as well 😁

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80notes a month? WTF! Why would anyone pay that? I I pay 40 euro a month for Internet (100mbs), mobile with unlimited European calls, texts and mobile Internet. Included I also get two land lines

Whoosh! I use next doors broadband, both on Sky, pretty good for browsing, if I want films I watch telly lol Cheers, D.

You can make a request for Virgin, i did and a few months later they came on the street and fitted it. I've been offered every channel, 2 boxes and tinternet for £79. That includes all the Sky Sports

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3 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

Virgin took over ntl's network when they went bust, changed the ducts from green to purple, Bt use grey....all belongs  to Bt, they own the telephone exchanges.... Everyone pays them a cut, If theres no fibre in your area it will be shite no matter who your with👍

I often see ADSL speeds above fibre mate; there's a few new companies popping up with their own infrastructure. Hyoeroptic is one example and talktalk are doing fttp in York on their own. 


Hull has Kingston communication which is f**k all to do with anyone but their council

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Just now, South hams hunter said:

Then 6 should cope 👍

Tbh didn't really look into that, i think Virgins upload speeds will be lower than the Sky Fibre that I've just replaced? My eldest goes on the PS4 quite a bit as well.

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21 minutes ago, South hams hunter said:

With by lines 40 Mbps fibre has 10 meg upload and 8 0  has 20 upload.  Easy to sort just use a ethernet and portforward

Can't really use ethernet on the PS4 as my router is in the hallway.

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