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2018 CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Of IRELAND – a charity event in aid of AUTISM INITIATIVES Northern Ireland organised by Micky Quinn

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– a charity event in aid of AUTISM Initiatives Northern Ireland organised by Micky Quinn



If your dog has been Champion or Res Champion at ANY show in Ireland during 2018 you qualify for a chance to win the 2018 Champion of Champions Of Ireland Terrier, Lurcher or Whippet titles. And if your dog hasn’t yet qualified you have still a chance to qualify for the grand championship final at the show which will take place before the finals.


  1. Terrier Pups

  2. Russell Dog or Bitch

  3. Patterdale Dog or Bitch

  4. Lakeland Dog or Bitch

  5. Working Class

  6. Crossbreed

  7. Terrier Pairs

Champion Terrier


  1. Lurcher Pups

  2. Smooth under 23

  3. Smooth over 23

  4. Rough under 23

  5. Rough over 23

  6. Bull Cross

  7. Fox Class

  8. Collie Class

  9. Lamping Class

  10. Pairs

Champion Lurcher


1. Whippet Pups
2. Whippet Dog
3. Whippet Bitch
4. Working Whippet 5. Whippet Pairs 
Champion Whippet


1. Strong Dog Pups 2. Staff Dog
3. Staff Bitch
4. English Bull

5. Wheatens
6. Any Other Variety. 
Champion Strong Dog


1. 2018 Champion of Champions Terrier – Ch and Res Ch from of the terrier classes above AND Champions & Res Champions from any show during 2018.

2. 2018 Champion of Champions Lurcher – Ch and Res Ch from the Lurcher classes above AND Champions & Res Champions from any show during 2018.

3. 2018 Champion of Champions Whippet – Ch and Res Ch from the whippet classes above AND Champions & Res Champions from any show during 2018

Champion & Reserve Champions in each breed to qualify for the 2019 Game Fair Five Nations championships. Vintage trophies sponsored by the GREAT GAME FAIRS of IRELAND.

4. 2018 Champion of Champion Puppy Championships


1. 2018 Elite over 23” Champion of Champions Lurcher also Master McGrath qualifier two to qualify.

2. 2018 Elite Under 23” Champion of Champions Lurcher also Master McGrath qualifier two to qualify.

3. 2018 Rough Coated Dog Champion of Champions Lurcher plus Mick the Miller qualifier- two ‘Hairy’ dogs to qualify.

4. 2018 Bull Breeds Champion of Champions Lurcher plus qualifier for new Game Fair Championships – four to qualify.

5. 2018 Under 22" Racing Champion of Champions Lurcher plus qualifier for new Game Fair Champinships - four to qualify.

5. 2018 Whippet Racing Champion of Champions

Coats sponsored by The Great Game Fairs of Ireland in association with Jaydee Coats

Qualifying caps for Master McGrath & Mick the Miller qualifiers.


Margaret Mc Stay

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We are very happy to support Micky's event for a very worthwhile charity  Many families including our own  work with children who have autism. 

 We are providing quality antique trophies  to be kept by the owners of the three 2018 Show Champion of Champions and in association with Janet Duke coats for the racing winners.  We are also sponsoring dog food prizes in association with Feedwell Dog Food. 

This should be a superb 'end of season' event which deserves your support.

Ch Trophies.jpg

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Thanks to those who PMed me to admire the trophies we have presented to be retained by the winners of the three  2018 Champion of Champions.  We thought we would try to acquire quality trophies for what should be a really prestigious event.   The Terrier Trophy  is a heavyweight vintage bronze trophy; the Lurcher Trophy was previously presented to the winner of a 2004 race at Hall Green  and is a real stunning trophy and the whippet trophy is a smart head mounted on marble.  

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Autism show tomorrow,The gates will be open from 10 in morning and the show will start sharp at 12.Racing will be after showing.

Hopefully we will get decent weather and a good crowd.

Refreshments will be available at the venue and anyone wishing to donate to the raffle will be greatly appreciated.

See you all tomorrow.

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I hope Micky's hard work in getting sponsorship for this event pays off with ALL proceeds going to a worthwhile NI charity.

Good prizes with competition for REAL END of SEASON TITLES - to be the terrier , lurcher and whippet  2018 CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS  by beating other dogs that have been Champion or Res Champion  at Shows throughout Ireland - come and try to get recognition as the  2018 'Best of the Best'. Great trophies for the champions.

AND a  chance to qualify for the REAL 2019 MASTER McGRATH   and MICK the MILLER Championships  to be staged in the prestigious setting of the GAME FAIRS  with classy trophies and great prize funds.   The 2018 races at Shanes had two GREAT CHAMPIONS  and TWO GREAT RUNNERS UP.

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There was a great atmosphere at this charity show for Autism Initiatives NI.  I was delighted to meet Mel Patterson( Brother of well known spaniel handler Aidan)  whose son is one of the young adults who will benefit from the show.  Also to find that one of my fellow judges was non other than Jamesie Toal at one stage a fine retriever handler but also a long time terrier owner and fancier. Margaret will be doing a full report on the event but a few photos that capture the happy family atmosphere. Best wishes were sent to John McStay who is just out of hospital.

1. Mel & Micky wearing the charity tee shirts

2. Competitors wearing the charity tee shirts

3. A great turnout - part of the car park

4. Organisers Micky & Tom making the handsome donation from the show and admission fees - still the racing entries to come.856340674_MM.thumb.jpg.7079ba7718ecfb05fef8067e8d002b26.jpg



Micky and Tom with the autism team 2.jpg

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    • By appleblossom
      BT71 4QZ
      Booking in from 11.00am/ Racing starts 12.00 noon Approx
      Here is a list of Races
      1/ Pups
      2/ Non KC Whippets.
      3/ KC Whippets(1st, 2nd and 3rd of the heats go through, to  A,B,C Final)
      4/ UNDER 21”
      5/ UNDER 23”
      6/ OVER 23”
      8/ ROUGH OVERS (if their enough dogs)
      Entry  Fee : £5 
      To Race Your Dog : £3
      Margaret Mc Stay
    • By appleblossom
      As I draw back the curtains on a wet August Saturday morning, my inner thoughts ran riot with my brain, throwing at me all the meaningful tasks I had to complete to get us   on our way to the Tally Ho Charity Dog Show and Race day in aid of suicide awareness.   
      As we drove off from home with dogs in toe, I had sadness in my heart, knowing this would probably be the last working dog show of 2021. Despite the continuous showers of rain in the morning,families and country sportsmen and women from North and South of the border came out in their droves. By 12 noon the field was full to capacity with every breed of dog you could name. The atmosphere was electric, the craic was good, and Peter Morgan and Liam Toner were in their element keeping everything under raps.
      As I walked around the field, I visited the many stands along the way. Mark and Amanda Delaney were there with everything you would need for your Canine friends as was Anthony Butler from County Mayo with some of his fine leathers. There was also a country sportswear stand, a burger stand,and  a bouncy castle for the little people. 
      The quality of dogs at the show on Sunday was of a very high standard and  a judges nightmare. All our little people were there, contributing in their own little way, and playing around the field with all their little Canine friends. These little boys and girls are our sportsmen and women of tomorrow.
      Next on the menu was the Raffle and auction. Again the craic was mighty. Natasha Ahmed conducted the raffle and Peter Morgan the auction. Well there was a rush of excitement around the ring as Natasha called out our numbers and Fred Hallissey provided the entertainment. And some entertainment that was, but Natasha kept him under control.Well done Natasha.    
      Time passes so quickly when you are enjoying yourself, and very soon it was time for the Racing and Showing to start.
      Here are the Overall Showing Results
      Ladies Handling Class
      Joyce Scott with Duncan
      Gents Handling Class
      Brian Grady with Socks
      Overall Champion Puppy
      Jed Donagh with Ace
      Overall Champion Whippet
      Colin Tucker with Cooper 
      Overall Champion Lurcher
      Stewart Graham with Ace
      Overall Champion Terrier
      Billy Kerry with Captain
      Overall Champion Strong Dog
      Ryan O Neill with Whiskey
      Andy Spence with Rebel
      Overall Champion Pairs
      Eleanor Norman
      Susanne Addis 
      Overall Champion Vetern
      Darren Booth with Archie
      Kirsty Harpur with Skyler
      ***Racing Results***
      Errol Gardiner with Bonny
      2/Natasha Truesdale with Nova
      O23  Malcolm with Milo
      2/Kirsty Harpur with Skyler
      U21 Elites
      Patsy Mc Coy with Dallas
      2/Rose Mc Coy with Loxi
      U23 Elites
      Rose Mc Coy with Texas
      2/Colin Mc Donald with Cooper
      O23 Elites
      Michael Pardy with George
      2/ Michael Pardy with Daisy
      Hairy Overs
      Errol Gardiner with Chase
      2/ Stephanie O Connor with wicked
      Hairy Unders
      Leigh Thompson with Shirley
      2/ Barry Holland with Bell
      Bull Cross
      Jed Donagh  with Jess
      2/ Paul Donnelly with Dixie
      Whippet Dog
      Barry Chambers with Alfie
      2/ Lisa Beggs with Prydz
      Whippet Bitch
      Sean Burke with Lilly
      2/ Bradley Dynes with Jet
      Lurcher Pups
      Colin Tucker with Fletcher
      2/ Natasha Truesdale with Prada
      Congratulations to all above winners.
      Country Sports has donated so much to charity down through the years. Billy Harpur an avid sportsman himself and at the moment fighting his own battle with health donated £130,proceeds from Billy raffling one of his prized birds and cage. Some happy camper went home with a lovely prize. Well done Billy.
      And Finally, what can I say about the judges who done a brilliant, but difficult job in the ring.
      Whippets/Angela Flack. Lurchers/Fred Hallissey.Terriers/Sean Donaghy and Rob Roy. Strong Dogs/Matthew Mc Donald and Niall Mc Cann. Pets/Stephanie O Connor.Ladies and Gents handling class/Jonathan Kirwan/Childrens Handling Class/Margaret Mc Stay.
      The Racing went without a hitch, and was run by the expert hands of Chontelle Mc Meekan and Mark Mc Callion. All dogs ran and went home safe with beautiful trophys and a bag of meal. Many thanks Chontelle and Mark.
      And Finally, Finally I always leave the best to last. May I take this opportunity to thank Peter Morgan and Liam Toner for all the hard work and organisation put in to making this first time show in aid of Suicide Awareness an over whelming success. Peter and Liam, I know you worked your knuckles to the bone putting up fences, getting trophys sorted, putting up rings, getting the raffle and auction sorted out, and left nobody out and no stone unturned. 
      Peter all country sports men should be proud of you for what you have done for this charity. I am very conscious you told me all input for the show, you have financed on your own to make this show happen for charity. What a gesture. Your giving hand knows no bounds. Peter will let you all know when the remaining funds come in, the total amount of which you all contributed to, plus a presentation later to the charity.
      Suicide Awareness is a very important charity in our community and does so much to help families through the darkest days of their lives. Suicide wrecks lives and dreams, and it’s the people left behind that suffer most. Suicide has no bounds. It creeps into our homes with terrible consequences like a thief in the night. 
      Peter and Liam thank you so much for a well run Dog Show and Raceday. Peter a special word of thanks for your lovely flowers and Chocolates and all your kindness to John and myself on the day. 
      Hopefully God willing, we will look forward to getting more of the same in 2022. 
      Margaret Mc Stay 
    • By appleblossom
      BOW WOW WOW Tally HOO Dog Show and Raceday Dont Forget this Top Dog Show and Race day this Saturday 21st August 21: ***Please Note : RACING IS BEFORE SHOWING. So come early so you do not miss it.*** IN AID OF SUICIDE AWARENESS POST CODE FOR YOUR SAT NAVS BT29 4JL ON SITE OF NUTTS CORNER MARKET. REAL EASY TO GET TO AND LOADS OF RINGSIDE PARKING. Booking in for Racing is from 10.00am. Showing starts at 1.00 o'clock. Admission Adults £5 (Children under 16 Go Free ) Class Entry £3 THERE WILL ALSO BE A BOUNCY CASTLE FOR THE KIDS AND MANY STALLS OF COUNTRY SPORTS INTEREST   Margaret Mc Stay
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