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One boy and his dog

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Over the festive period everyone bashes ebay, so i ordered a few decoys that were a bargain and they got here yesterday!

George found out as i was packing them away and has done nothing but go on about decoying and watching decoying videos on youtube.

This morning we got out for an hour even though we had no net to make a hide, so i put one of my facemasks on him and he wanted to take the pup for the experience so off we headed.

Set the decoys up and only had one come in but we enjoyed it anyway.

now he wants to save his money up for decoying equipment.

here he is where we stood in the hedge20171230_091727.jpg


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Excellent, I'm pinned down with the bug!


There is alot around just now too.

Did he get the bird?

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very nice mate start them young and keep him keen 

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What a lovely picture. Although you only had one come in, it shows that it does work. If there had been more birds about more would have come in. It also shows that you don't need a ton expensive kit to go out shooting.  Look at how much the dog is enjoying just being there. sometimes I've found pigeons feeding and had no kit with me and I've just found a branch or two to break up my outline and stood still up against a tree or gatepost and they have come in to the birds that I have shot. 

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