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Great Day.....

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Local Stillwater, my 2 fish came with 2 casts into the same swim on a 3D real Eel.

Tsteve999 then had one on a trout live bait from same swim 10 mins later.

He then drew level just before we packed up in another swim on another livebait.

The real skill is in lure fishing! Lol





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Perfect storm I think mate, they must have been on the feed in a very slight bay in around 10ft of water, sun was bright aswell which didnt bode well!

Shortly after he caught the last pike he almost passed out due to blood loss from being savaged! Lol

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Heres some other pics david Bailey took of me holding the first fish.....great crack!




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Nobody can take pictures well with that arse crack beaming back at them, the sun was bouncing off it like a searchlight and I had no sunglasses.

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