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Newbie After Advice. (Second Induction Post As Apparently You Can't Can't Be An "attractive Woman" On Here Genuinely)

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Ask at gun shop if there is a local gun range for pellet guns you'll meet like minded people and be able to try out different guns.

I was then about to say. Yes I have found a local range. They have days for beginners on the first Saturday in the month so I will bite the bullet and go. I just find it daunting but it's got to be done. Will post how I get On.
good luck
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And she won't have to worry about getting chatted up over there it's full of gays.

It doesn't quite rule yet for me peter!

A word of advice don't type sentences like that on here or your inbox will be full from the resident THL perverts lol .......

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To the OP. The trouble with posting these questions in the member intro section is that the people who could best answer your question don't read this section.


You would be far better off asking the in the relevant section. I'm sure the airgun general section could give a lot better advice on places to learn to shoot airguns. Same for shotguns, dogs, ferrets or whatever you are interested in, etc. Don't be afraid to ask. :thumbs:

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