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Spaniel/terrier X Bullgreyhound Pups

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Accidental mating.

26" bull x mated my spaniel x terrier bitch a complete mistake but just one of those things I didn't really know until a week before she had them so nothing I could do about it.

The bull x dog does everything he should do and is 6/7 years old so well tested.

The spaniel x terrier bitch is the best all round dog I've ever had.9 year old,

Can take her out with the terriers,ferreting,beating,shooting,bushing,I work her in a pack on fox drives she retrieves to hand off water or land can take her ratting and probably anything else you can think of a good all round bitch who will try 100% at anything.

I'm keeping one and a couple of mates are keeping a few,just out of curiosity more than anything to see what they turn out like as we all think they will make excellent mooching dogs.

There's 3 dog pups spare so I thought I would offer them on here.

I don't want any money for them just want to stay in touch with anyone who wants one to see how they turn out and they must go to someone who's going to get out there and do abit with them whatever they choose to do with it.i can't say what height they will make or shape or what they will turn out like sires 26" dam is 16" but I can say they are out of two honest grafters.

So if anyone is interested give me a shout by pm and we will go from there.cheers

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How are these pups looking now, have any thrown to the lurcher side of the breeding ? 

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I've just been out with the bitch out of the litter this afternoon and she's just starting to work cover following the older dogs in,I will get some pics up asap she's a strange looking thing but looks don't make them work 👍

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Thanks pal No your right looks don't make them work what size they get to ? I was guessing maybe small Springer size 

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