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It's Growing And I Never Rubbed It! Honest!!!

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As some may recall I got a new permission resplendent with pigeons. Well I went down there last night and had a few hours checking the lay of the land. The main problem is pigeons in Leylandii, ok when they land but soon bloody invisible. I knocked a couple off the tops and a couple off the power line (which landed on top of a 10 ft high hedge, one was a super shot, it was on the vinegar strokes when I applied a contraceptive to his noggin), when I was approached by a man.

Turns out he owns the campsite behind the permission and would I like to come and take pigeons from his land as well? As he was showing me the permission extension, a pigeon landed in a tree about 30 metres away, on top of a tall Leylandii. A quick JSB through the noggin impressed the owner and now access to all his land is granted. Doubled the permission area, camping ends at the back end of October so should be able to get a good number then. Also deciduous woodland near a fishing pond, will be excellent in winter, possibility of pheasant there as well as partridge.

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Nice hard work always produces results

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Good on you mole ,sounds like you deserve it with the shot to the pigeon

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