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A Hour Out With A Trusted Mate

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got a phone call to see if i wanted a look out tonight. so decided to take the Anschutz 22 rim fire with photon nv. my mate took the 243 as he was going in a double high seat near some pheasant pens .
i needed some rabbits for the ferrets so i dropped my mate at the high seat at 9 pm and i just parked up on a old game strip about 1/2 mile away. it is very sandy ground here so plenty rabbits about the nv came in to its own at dusk and in the first hour i accounted for 18 rabbits picked 16 (should of taken the lab)10pm my mate phoned come and get me job done.



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Good session, nicely presented rabbits, gamedealers?

nice night out but the rabbits did not go to the game dealers only 16 so skinned off chopped up this morning and now ferret jock :thumbs::thumbs:

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