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More Crows

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Another ultra early start on some freshly cultivated areas that are going to be drilled with maize as cover crops . Things started fairly well with birds coming into the ff5's and a few lofters in the dead oak I was set up under , in fact the birds were trying to land in the branches which made for some early and fairly easy casualties . All progressed well until the tractor arrived to drill the maize which forced a breakfast break , hostilities resumed a couple of hours later on my patch but with the other bits being drilled during the morning the crows seemed more interested in following the tractor than the decoys , I picked just under thirty with half a dozen either in the nettles or wood ..packed up at about 1.30 , the other lads had a few as well so ended with close on 80 for the day ..




Just to add I've noticed the dog has developed a method of picking up the crows by putting her foot on them and turning them over so she can pick them up by the back to stop them pecking her , having never encouraged or sent her for anything that looked alive she has obviously been pecked and developed this method to combat that problem ..will try and get this on video next time we're out ...

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Good shooting mate , see the dogs not daft ! Fair play to her

I went out for a few hour on a new perm , first time out on it , finding the lay of the landspost-88154-0-16664500-1497639318_thumb.jpeg

Not that many but , good times the come !


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Well done a good number of corvids dead all the better for the songbirds.

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