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Oddly enough I have been reading about pensions today, I was getting a bit worried as I have always worked but they have been part time jobs where I dont pay tax or ni contributions.


I have paid ni contributions in the past at times but no where near the 30 years I need to get a full pension, apparently if you have 10 years or less of contributions you WONT get a pension unless you make up the shortfall of ni contributions


This is a big worry for me as I bring in less than 100 quid a week & dont relish the though of having to pay out a sizeable chunk of my earning to make up the contributions.


I am up shit creek I think :laugh:

is there not thing if you've done 15 years though your still intitled too some though Kay


I need to find out how many years I have got so far, I do know when you get family allowance for the kids that goes towards your contributions for the first 12 years, so that will help.


Its changed now apparently, you have to have 35 years contributions to get a full pension, but if you have got less than 10 years seemingly you wont get any pension unless you make up the missing years shortfall.


I know at one time a married woman could use her husbands NI contributions to top her pension up , but that wont apply to me , so untill I can organise for a statement to see how many years I actually have got I cant really look into what my options are


One thing that has crossed my mind is if I have say 9 years contributions surely that will count as something, they cant just take that & it not count towards my pension :hmm:

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Iv got a pension with the hunt servants society which is a good one, as well as your contributions most hunts pays lumps into it as well along with people leaving money in their wills, fund raising etc.... Problem is I stopped paying in years ago. I always think I'll start again.....Next year!


I have some safety boxes which I collect gold coins, medals, silver bullion etc but again it prob won't pay more than a couple of years as of yet.


I just hate the thought of getting taxed, paying in, getting taxed when they pay out and it all being at the whim of mention brokers and government.


We should be mortgage free before I'm 50 so will maybe have ten years of investing in something. I'm not going to let it affect my way of life now on the off chance I'm still alive at 70 lol

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