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A Couple From Today

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A couple from today ..



The pricket was a good hour and half stalk and while there were others that I could have taken he was a scraggy under weight beast that needed going so I persevered till I was within shot then waited twenty minutes or so for him to come clear , 180m chest shot see him take off and do 100+ m before dropping in some bracken ,it laid a good trail for the dog to follow and she soon had it found ..in the chiller at a mere 46lb ..

The buck I had seen on the morning stalk close to one of the big rutting stands he was with probably one of the best wild fallow bucks I've ever seen , unable to get a clear shot I got set up in a seat for the evening , he duly obliged at about 6pm , walking out of the wood the pair of them walked up the field were the big fella laid down with the black Buck standing in front of him , five minutes later he to laid down , clear of the other one the 6.5 did the job ..were the first one was very light this old boy was any thing but ..in the chiller at 154lb Iand I sweated plenty getting him there ...definitely getting to old for these big bucks ..out again tomorrow !

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Fair play for leaving the better buck to take part in the rut. There's plenty of folk that wouldn't have passed him up.



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Strewth - that's a monster. Bet the picket looked like a muntjac next to that beast in the chiller!


I haven't been on here in a while - glad your still out and at it Rich.

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Nice going Rich them elusive Bucks always seem to turn up for you lol, i bet the big boy was the one you had ear marked for me when was with you but he was to elusive.. :thumbs:

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Knocking them down then mate, that was a fair size, gonna need a bigger quad !


The dog looks superb, settled into the Job nicely.

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