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First Buck Called

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This lad came in a beaut from about 300yds .We had stalked into a doe hoping there was a buck with her but no suiter so had a call with her still in front of us .Saw the buck come down over a bank in the distance and run to a gap in the far hedge .When he came through he behaved like a lot do and acted as if he couldn't care less but made his way slowly to the peeps .At about 90 yds I upped the calling bringing him to a stopped ,a foot shuffle saw him almost broadside and my son shot him neatly in the chest with the exit just through the liver .First buck for us for a long time .

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The confidence of youth mate .He even managed to get down on bipod as Buck was coming in as he was a bit wobbly on sticks .He s pretty good at reading the deer as taught by an old pro ,myself lol.

Same problem hear there's plenty of cover so most of the shooting is of the sticks and I have told him that he is not ready for that ... He recons he is ....maybe in a few years and a bit of practice I certainly didn't have his confidence at 9 ...lol

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Managed one this evening before heading out lampin .... very surprised this lad was holding a territory and was chasing a doe ...with another doe just 40 yards away from him ...a few bleeps on the butalo and he came in had to shout on him to stop at about 60 yards would of been a good one for the weeman of the bipod but I know he is not ready shooting of the sticks.post-88284-0-09362800-1469669899_thumb.jpeg

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