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I have the 455 HMR 16" barrel


I have CZ rifles in .17 and .22 and i have no complaints both good reliable tools


1/2 the price new of many other makes and those rifles are no more reliable or accurate than the CZs

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All mine are 452 variants. There were a few tweeks before we ended up with the 455.


I have shot a couple of 455 and to be honest there doesn't seem much in it, although the 455 is a different gun with a couple of changes.


In honesty you are not going to go wrong with a CZ, I know several people who are still running the BRNO versions and they are accurate and reliable as ever!



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I've got one in .22lr and I can honestly say that I would recommend it to anyone. To me it's far superior to my savage hmr but I think it's a very personal thing. The cz fits me perfectly, I find it very pointable, it's just the right weight (for me anyway) and in addition to that its a cz so accuracy is a given :)

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