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Wirehair Pointer & Cur

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My partner brought him back from the other side of the pond, they have several breeds that they group as 'curs' but they are pure bred dogs for working ranched cattle, or hogs. Several strains are bred for hunting, mine is out of dogs that work boar and also tree coons. He is a good dog to have around the place already. I let my GWP teach him all about hunting wee bit at a time, just trying to keep the sessions short and positive, training and stock breaking has gone pretty well so far. Looking forward to finishing him out, just taking it steady and hunting him very lightly, still some knuckle on him but he has some energy and if he dont go hunting he gets restless and will bay up the dogs or whoever's about, lots of instinct in him. Great feet on him. He's already my friend so I hope he makes a good one lol

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I,ve just aquired a Cur pup of old Wilbur, for the Kid.named him after OLD YELLER. the songs got him to a T :guitar: same type an colour

Good luck with him Dixie! Any pics of yours?


Bit of Tongue an cheek, D-N-A ..Old yeller in the Movie ,was a LAB X ...as is the Kids dog ,Wilbur calls them Cockerdors,,I call them Curs..or in normal terms Crossbreds.. :laugh:

He is the Double of the Movie Dog if not smaller,so the Kid called him Yeller..,but we did Register him with the Vet as a Mt Cur :icon_redface: as it came up on their comp as I jockingly said what he was. :laugh: So for all intentions and purposes :tongue2: we now Own a Bona-fide Mountain cur ,Scottish one at least.. :tongue2: ,but I'll still try putting up a pick..

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