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Slow Punture.

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What's the best thing for a slow punture? ?


I've seen a few things on line but never had to use them..


Its a tubeless tyer and I can't find the punture.


Tyers not even that old grrrrrgh lol.



It's fairly slow.

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I'll soap it all up and hopefully see where the airs coming out..


If it's seal round rim. Should I go back to tyer place and get them to sort it or is it a diy job ??


If I don't fix it, will the air come out faster if I drive on it ?.


Don't fancy getting a flat up a Moor lol..

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If it's the rim seal get local part worn place whip it off and put some seal on it. What sort of rim is it? Is it damaged?


Rim dont look damaged ?? I dont even know what type of rim it is lol..


To be honest Ive had the quad since summer and dont know much, other than putting the petrol in :icon_redface:


Thanks for advice lads.

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