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Sorry not sure if this is in the right place but ive recent shot about 8 pidgeons all in the chest with my black widow catapult but none of them have actually died. I know this sounds in humane but im i know im a good enough aim to kill a pidgeon so just cant see why they wont die? Iv tried using 8 mm steel balls and catseye marbles but dosent seem to kill, they just fly away.


Seems to be a lack of power but iv seen other people hunting with black widows. i even cought one in the chest from about a meter away with a marble and it didnt die....

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Black widow bands are way too heavy for small and light amo like you are using. My suggestion is get a handmade catty with smaller tubes or single flatbeds and you should start dropping them. Widow bands suit 12mm + lead you won't get any speed with the small ammo. Chest shots aren't that good on pigeons. Head and crop shots is what you need

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9.5 mm steel is a lot lighter than 12mm lead and will only need single tbg bands in the sizes that are usually advertised for sale i,e. 20 /20 or 25/20 .

infact using heavier draw of double bandsets on 9.5 is a waste of energy and will make accurate shots harder.

the double tbg is good for the 12mm lead though.

hope tis helps


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agree with youcanhide

i also find a side on shot on a pigeon more effective .

i have tried much heavier bands and heavier ammo for very close range and this is very effective but you need to be close and i,m not very accurate with them.

just try the lighter bands and the 9.5mm ammo and go for accuracy

good luck :thumbs:

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you can shoot lighter smaller ammo but you will probably get a bit of handslap and the bands may wear out quicker.

this is due to the excess energy still left in the bands after each shot.

get a roller cutter a cutting mat and some theraband plus some leather and make your own bands .

this is what you will end up doing anyway if you get into s/shots.

good luck :thumbs:

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