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Day On Local Lake For A Few Tench /bream

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Well what can i say ,red letter day .The pic dosnt do the catch justice really as theres 48 fish there lol honest .Our local lake has an inlet bay which was the only coloured part of nearly 100 acres of water so i decided on the end platform near the deep water .Set a small wagler and balled in 3 tennis ball size of groundbait which was made of one of the bream /carp type things in red and cut with crumb to bulk it up .Added sweet corn and maggots ,plumbed the depth at 41/2 ft in the parch of clear unweeded area i baited and sat on it for an hour .First bite hit was a 61/2 tench and went from there with bouts of bream then tench all day from 11am to 4.30.

Had a massive pike take the tench across the body ,estimated 30- 35lb i guess ,fecking huge .Played it for 20 minutes on 4lb line before it let go and i reeled in a half dead tench .Released him in the shallows and he went but slowly .At 4lb estimated a fish thats 192lb so call it 200 for luck to allow for the bigger tench and im happy .Hook bait was sweetcorn and maggots ,as many as i could get on a size 8 mustad barbless .

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Added to say apologies for the treatment of the fish ,i was very quick and wetted the ground with a bucket of water but just had to get a pic .

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Excellent tench catch, i haven't had a tench this year but haven't fished for them, mainly lure fished this year, i think i will put the lures away for a month and have a go for a few other species.

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