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  1. They are the club's that i've been looking at, but can't make my mind up which one to jump on, cheer's for reply.
  2. I haven't been on here for a while, but i'm looking for a club to join, fishing for mainly carp and also pike in the winter, can't say i've just had a good winter for the pike but finding it harder to find decent water's to fish, looking at places in chesire or within a 100 miles of liverpool, cheer's for any advice.
  3. Depending on the swim i sometimes leave a slight bow in the line instead of tight line to bomb or feeder, mainly for a slight upstream cast, enjoyed your post, good luck.
  4. I'm out tonight for them mate, need a bit of luck, never caught one on purpose before, been into it for a few week's now, tonight is my second session for them.
  5. Congrats on your new pb mate and new complex record, you must of worked hard for that, some think you just cast in but i guess you have been doing a lot of studying on the water, great fish and good luck in future forays.
  6. They are mainly foam bodies with some leg's tied in or some hackle wrapped around, avid do some great foam balls, all different colour's, some of them are half one colour, half another, red/black and yellow/black are my favourites. The hardest thing was learning to tie a fly the wrong way around, the head of the fly is at the bend of the hook, but you can always try the fox zig aligners, i use these sometimes and have caught plenty on them.
  7. It's sunday morning, my head's a bit fuzzy , and i can see pics of paradise and talk of bonefish jitters and bonefish fever , they must be the best saying's i have heard (and i will use) i have laughed my head off at them saying's that woke me up. Great stuff mate.
  8. found this on the bank this morning got me thinking atb AT I have been using similar bug's for the last 2 year's, i make my own as i'm not to bad with a vice and a few feather's, i can't believe what you see on sale as zig bug's, any flytyer must laugh at some of them tying's. I went to a local fishing shop with a mate last year and there was a bit of a show going on, the nash boy's were there and showing there bug's off (i don't know why that sounds funny) anyway my mate pulls a box out and say's what do you think of these, they are only my tying's out on show in a tackle shop full
  9. This has been a great thread and i have loved every pic, the story's must be brilliant stuff, you should have a think of doing an article for THL, maybe it could be pinned at the top of the fishing section, the pics of some great fish made me feel a bit daft when lure fishing for perch on a river in cheshire yesterday, i had 2 perch, the best went 1-12 but i could see your pics in my head of them cudda's and thought these perch are too small for even bait, but i still loved every minute of it, good luck and hope to see a article soon.
  10. Excellent tench catch, i haven't had a tench this year but haven't fished for them, mainly lure fished this year, i think i will put the lures away for a month and have a go for a few other species.
  11. Ha ha Billy! I think there are quite a few windows out onto the loch, but aye, its a nice wee place to live, surrounded by countryside and a nice big loch full of fish in the middle of the village....and some not too bad wee pubs! You are just rubbing it in now.
  12. I have never thought of using a small deadbait for perch, but thinking about it then why not, something i will try, cheers BOLSTER. PS. hook through tail or head, i would think tail myself.
  13. It is against the law to keep these pic's in the draw or cupboard, they must be shown on this site, it reminds me of looking at dirty books when i was a youngster, so keep putting them up and i will be back in a minute or two.
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