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Terrapin And Tank Setup - Free

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We can no longer keep this little guy so giving him away to a knowledgeable home please.


Please only take him if you want to look after him.


He is around 7 years old.


Will come with the tank and filter. the tank does require cleaning around once a week unless you have double filters.


postage is not an option.....



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Believe it of not, they will survive in the wild. Theres a local moat to us which probably got most of the unwanted teenage mutant turtles back in the day. Im not saying you should release it cos they`re a nuisance when fishing and to wildlife, but they do quite well. They are as big as dinner plates now and sit in the margins in clumps of 4 or 5 sunning themselves.. I seen two taking lumps out of a dead pigeon once.

Good luck rehoming him.

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That's true Bob, a lot of Liverpool parks have em in. I remember the big ones at Walton Hall park were knicked once and the fishing lads went all 'detective' to get them back and did so too! They all liked seeing them there.


Think if i get round to putting a pond in the garden i may put them in before fish. ;)

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i don't think its a case of dumping them anywhere, even if there are species there already (no doubt illegally) or its been known to do it in the past.
I don't want to get all PC or condescending but having owned terrapins before (2 yellowbelly and 1 musk) these are animals that are from hotter climates and need a lot of heat and light to bask, for nutrition and digestive purposes. So, our ponds are too cold and our weather is not best suited, even on our hottest days.

I'd advise looking to re-home them on Gumtree, Preloved and as suggested, reptile and aquatic pet sites.


MORE than anything, you could get a few quid for them and know for the reason that someone will pay for them, they do have some intention to care for them.

All the best and please do whats best for the animal :thumbs:


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