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Ferrets Stolen Sunderland

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Sorry to hear that mate! I hope you find the c**ts! My 2 Jills are pregnant at the moment, your welcome to a couple of kits if you want   ATB James

Also phoned the police said my shed been broke into blah blah blah. Turned round and said can't come out till Wednesday ffs. I know it's only a Cupple of ferrets but fuk me you go out with a lamp and

I`d pretend to still feed the ferrets, like you still got one or two left or new ones... Greeting them a little louder than usual. Then leave a large bodygrip set in the nest box lightly covered. Yo

The coppers turned up 2 days later. Said its highly unlikely I will get any of my ferrets or other stuff back. Complete waste of time,a wasn't goin to get them involved as I know they waste of time but my partner phoned them on night it happened also they have been to 3 other houses for statements as they got there sheds broke into same night. They left garden tools drills etc etc that was in ther sheds just took my stuff. I will deal with it my own way.. might not be anytime soon BUT I will see my day with them... Can't hide things forever.. And when I do stumble across them using my stuff then God help them. Absolute sickener it has made me want to quit what I love doin. Absolute c**ts

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hi saluki i had mine stolen a couple of years ago police were more than useless i told them what i'd do to them when i caught them " you can't do anything to them the policeman said you will get in trouble " bollocks i said and get out of my house. i eventually found out who did it and i still see the guy around now and HE is still limping so what goes rounds comes round. Hope you find out who did it but don't forget you can't hurt them you will get in trouble....LOL...like everyone has said you are welcome to some kits when they are ready....cheers..



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