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My Northern Goshawk

sean goshawk

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hi ive been flying birds or prey for ten year and I had a female harris I had for many years.and then got myself a female gos this is a andy hunter breed bird and only this year bird ive only took 60


Well today the big girl was 2lb 9 1/2oz and took out the pup to do some cover work and he marked a set of winds and flushed out six partridge and she took off like a rocket and then the flight went ov

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There's alot of work in them and took me ten years to make my mind up from changing to Gos from a Harris.as the Gos has a mind of its own as I learned that lesson last nite was hunting away at pigeons and just in a click of a button the Gos took off up to a 100ft tree and wouldn't come back down and spent to whole nite out until this morning at 7 I got her back.

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You know something I've "wasted" my life first with Plummer terriers, then GWP bred lurchers, then three years all over Britain and Ireland with 60 packs of Hounds before finally flying a Hawk for the last three seasons. Added to the 107 species of fish I've caught I have few regrets and I wouldn't change any it. I've been lucky enough to dig, work lurchers and and walk out with hounds with some of the best hunting men there are. I've met and hunted with some of the legends. I've enjoyed it all.


..............but I won't be happy until i've flown a Goshawk.

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Well after spending a good few weeks on rope pulls me and the mate went out for a rook to see if she'll get one and seen this grey back sitting close to a hedge and let the Gos see it and took off after it and a 60 yard chase to the Gos took the grey back in mid air well over the moon as its the nearest to a rook.big girl was 2lb 10 oz


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It's only took me 3 years and got my first rook.it was out a 100 yds sitting on a wall beside a fence and the Gos seen it a took off out the window and the gos didn't go straight at it as it took a left turn down low to the ground then the rook lifted as it seen the Gos and the Gos did a hard right turn at and the rook flipped over the fence and took of down the field and the gos powered up and flipped over the fence after it and then the rook flipped over the fence again as the Gos was close on its back and the Gos still chasing it hit it around 200 yds in mid air and seen a puff out feathers flying in the air as the Gos nearly had it and the rook took off again for another 200 yds with the time the Gos flip back down again it put the power on again and chased it again with it going underneath the rook and went up vertical and took it out of the air .and she was 2lb 10 oz on the dot.



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