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My Northern Goshawk

sean goshawk

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hi ive been flying birds or prey for ten year and I had a female harris I had for many years.and then got myself a female gos this is a andy hunter breed bird and only this year bird ive only took 60


Well today the big girl was 2lb 9 1/2oz and took out the pup to do some cover work and he marked a set of winds and flushed out six partridge and she took off like a rocket and then the flight went ov

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Crows can be a bit intimidating for some hawks and may require a weight reduction????? Maybe not though.

I found getting a few easy slips and kills gets a gos fired up for them.

Every season I will give the hawk a few carcases and I also use a crow carcase as a swing lure exercise.

Crows are difficult for female gosses, but they will take them, perhaps not as efficient as a male though.

They are never easy [unless car-hawking, which I dislike]

Once your bird switches on to them, you will get some good flights and [dare I say it] more entertaining than rabbits :whistling:

The good thing about using a female, is they won't give your hawk too much trouble once caught.

The German male I have can take a bit of a beating from them and they can break away from him if I'm too far away to help.

Once a female has a good grip, its game over.

Pete Smith has a good video on youtube showing his male crow and magpie hawking.

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I've tried driving passed in the car for really easy ones and trying for a single one or a double ones as I think she's not convenient to take any in a pack as she Gos half hearted then turns away from them as I know myself she'll not go into packs yet.as I just can't understand I've never showing her a magpie or pheasant or partridge and grey back and go.s like a rocket at them.as I've tried all weight from her summer weight at 2lb 7 and even upwards to 2lb 11oz no luck yet.as she is still a young bird maybe next season lll get a rook .

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this was Friday nites clips and only manage the three caught rabbits and after the last clip was at a hare and then the battery died,and never got the fourth rabbit as that was a cracking flight and the bird started to retrieved the rabbit up the hill with one foot on the head and the other walking up the field with the rabbit.

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