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Another Good Day On New Permission

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Well back out today with the lads jamie2004live and genuine had a good day last week on new permission and keepers asked us back so arranged it for today, not the coldest but foxes have been sighted again so back out, meet the lads early door the keeper had a big spot for us to check, said the lads before would never check it and allways plenty of foxes seen there, it was a big rock pile and Brock Jamie's dog has worked this kind of stuff a lot so was perfect for him so we went and met a couple of lads there aswell to cover the area with the guns because there no way of knowing where or if it would bolt, so took Brock down a sure enough marked a spot in this massive rock pile so Jamie collared up Brock and away he went guns positioned where they could and sat and waited dog was in about 20mins and then the first shot went off then the second GREAT we thought one in the bag keeper will be happy but no the gun gave both barrels and fox carried on gutted but Brock did his job and shit happens we will get it next time, anyway moved on to another spot got a solid mark off both dogs so we collared up the black bitch rags and away she went, she was straight upto her quarry sounding well let her settle and got a mark of 0.9 great so started digging soft ground broke through in no time opened up removed dog and quarry was dispatched, another great day out and keeper was happy which is the main thing, took a few pics some thanks for reading ATB Simpson10



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That rock place looks like fragglerock lol!

Genuine would have been right at home there!

Looks like yous had a good day

I was at work until 5.30 am and up at 7 after a 24hr shift. I will give you a txt through the week come and shift some rabbits next weekend the freezer is nearly empty!

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Fair due's to any terrier at 10year old that is still working away,dug a friends dog last week again also 10 year old at 7ft and working like a 2 year old.

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