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  1. the blue spray is called terramicin, good stuff although you have to go through the vets to get it now
  2. you must have some cracking terriers for a 7 month old pup to be showing them up.
  3. martin halli sounds like the man u need to speak with, The russell they used is my old brock dog, hes 12 year old now and is still crazy. hes gota be walked with a locator on all the time when he's out the dog will hunt deer for miles on the tracker. Had some great days aside from digging with him just one of them dogs u could never leave st home, Between there beagle n the old boy those lads have got some cracking little hounds
  4. i received a letter yesterday from the house of commons to do with the repeal, and the response was a bit of a cop out saying the vote would be in the latter part of the torie term and certainly not part of plans for the next 18 months.does anyone believe it will be overturned to the full extent of what it was?
  5. products look really well made and thought out, top stuff. And certanly wouldnt take anything on board that morton says, the man talks the biggest pile of shit ive ever heard. absolute messer of the highest order dont think ive come across a post of his dogs working yet on here, but very quick to put good honest lads down on here on literally every post you come across. Sad sad man needs to get a life or end it!
  6. a think youre either a clueless dick, or just a complete daft c**t looking 2 play games and get peoples backs up, a mean why would anyone write something like that on an open forum?
  7. to be honest del boy it sounds like you're own fault, didnt realise anyone would kennel 2 bitches together one ready to drop any day, pups do come early you know? what did you think wad guna happen they both share mothering duties?
  8. with that attitude towards "work or die" lee you will end up with a load more rabbiters in youre kennels, hard decisions have to be made, remember these dogs were bred for earth work its the only reason there in existance, look after the veterans give them a home for life, put feelings on the back burner for the jibbers or you will NEVER have good dogs, a sad fact of the terrier game
  9. a think anyone who has kept digging dogs long will have had to dig dogs out without the aid of a collar, had plenty of dogs over the years "drop in" whilst out on a walk where you thought there was no holes in the area, and pretty much all of these digs were earths that i had no knowledge of, however i have been really lucky over the years that ive never had 2 drop in which could turn things dangerous and quick, also the dogs i keep are bayer mixer types, i feel sorry for anyone trying to locate a mute dog with no thumping going on i should imagine a lot of lads have lost dogs this way, when i
  10. haha was that a bite Fair lead? what putting thecubs back down the enterance for the mother to collect them and im cruel. dont forget youve probably been on here two minute, do a search you will find a digging post every week from me, genuine and simpson 10 my digging partners. there was no one doing that week in week out, got loads of daft messers like yourself commenting a complete rubbish all the time. hence why a hardly come/comment on here anymore, that is the trouble with this site ya get plenty of experts but as soon as you get an indepth disscusion, it exposes the dreamers, smack head
  11. I think from that post it shows how much terrier work youve done over the years! so why are you even commenting on here with so little knowledge? was out digging at the start of may, old dog marked a fox, there was absolutely no sign of cubs. no flys no bones feathers nothing and it certainly wasnt a polished entrance, anyway an experienced dog was entered who had a good few seasons under its belt, dog was baying. after quite a while of the dog digging on broke through about a metre. dog was wedged solid and still baying, pulled him out and shone up the pipe with a torch there was 5 cubs and
  12. out of interest how much is he charging for one? A blacksmith i know does me and my mates eveything for a tenna, all we do is supply the spades metal etc. Think its a decent idea selling them but im just suprised most lads dont just go down the same route i did.
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