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Dog Behaviour Advice.

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If you could be a bit more specific

Dogs become the equal and opposite of each other to live in harmony ,

What one likes the other wont much care for and likewise with other members of the pack,it's the natural rules of pack life,

Each pack of dogs make up a whole whatever number it is , 2, 3 or more if one goes the structure shifts to facilitate this,

So the behaviour of current dog will effect newcomers but maybe not in the way people expect

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If a dog gets too much attention in its formative years, that attention becomes the metric for the dog feeling right, not good just normal,


So when that object /person /thing is missing the dog don't feel right

Calm , slow upbringing works , pup has his crate ,gets out to pee and whatever, no playing or fussing inside , less is more with pups with him having a big bone to occupy himself in the crate


Every pup is an open book , it's about knowing how to shape it so you don't have to correct it or are not creating problems for the future

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Well put Casso...and it's an easy mistake to make ,making a lot of fuss Over a new pup especially with training and then visitors etc.

Noisy dogs usually stem from having a lot of attention then none at all,so the bark howl or whine to try to get the attention they need.

A mistake I've made more than once

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