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Barryvox Pulse With Bellman Collar

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Had the pulse a few years back, stupidly got rid of it because we had a pieps and new bellman...now I don't really like the pieps or red brick and thinking of getting another pulse or element. What exactly are the differences between pulse and element?

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yes mate i thought the lads set up worked better than the bellman as the barryvow direction indicator was spot on,just like to hear others opinions

The direction indicator on my pulse is a waist of time, just use the numbers, but I'm bang on the dog every time
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for me the barryvox pulse is the better than the b/f ive found with the pieps on the deeper digs weve missed the tube a few time,s the new b/f is like carrying a

brick round with you

never had a problem with the pulse spot on every time as for the price there about the same around £280 each some people dont like the noise the pulse

make,s all i do is put my thumb over the speaker when using it

bolster range is 60 metre,s mate

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I never liked the sound of the pulse, nothing a piece of tape won't stop though. I like the bright numbers on the bellman but don't like the darker screen on barryvox. As for accuracy neither bellman or pieps are as accurate as the pulse a few of my mates thought you couldn't get any more accurate than the pieps until they saw the pulse work. The red brick we use has the same reading within a 4 foot radius what the feck is all that about? And before anyone says it yes we are giving it time to calibrate.

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the pulse calibarates faster than the brick with a bit tape over the speaker to quiet it down abit u cant go wrong u can make a little ledge for it in your hole and get to work u will no by the sound if theres any movement underground with the brick u have to keep checking it for a movement and it dosent fit in your pocket chuldent get used to it me my pal loves it tho i found u have to concentrate fully on the box were as with the barryvox its quick enough to walk around and follow the beeps and u can dig away to the beeps with no checkin the box evry 5 mins

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