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Too Many Dudds

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I have been running AA field through my hw100 kt happily for the last few years but the last few tins seem to have had loads of dudds in ( damaged skirts etc ) has anyone else noticed this or have I just been unlucky ? it's got me thinking a change of pellet may be in order, any one tried jsb through a hw100 if so how do they perform or does anyone have any other suggestions

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Your correct mate I've got 5 tins in the last 6 months and most of them r damaged around the skirts ,don't know r they damaged in transit or is it the process in which the make them slowly going down hill . Just bought a tin of .177 this morning to go In my new hw100s and so far so good .BUt I have noticed the skirts r slightly thinner so may be their trying to cut cost don't know mate sim1274

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Same same. Fields from air arms are shocking. The same with exacts I think. There just to soft. Been posted before. Great pellet when there good, but they have to be babysitted in the tin.


As an edit, I think there made at the same place so I hear. Not surprising that both are the same.

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the new daystate soverign are vg pellets


Yes ,very good through my HW100kt and Falcon accuracy plus all so made by jsb . Crossman premiers ultras or Daystate Li same pellet 14.3gr are very good as well, these give a higher FT/LB than any other pellet in my KT.

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I just bought two tins so I will need to have a look , but if your washing them and sorting them out roughly what amount are you throwing away ?

After sorting I usually throw about 20 % but last few tins it's been closer to double that

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